Author: Syed Ali 


Background SHU is something I was not expected this year, a platform from an indie development team that interest me a great deal. With it being the newest game to be developed by Coastsink, it is something that I believe […]

Hearts of Iron IV screenshot

Game Review: Hearts of Iron IV

Background Hearts of Iron IV is the fourth entry in the Hearts of Iron series from Paradox Interactive, the developers behind Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings and Stellaris. The year is 1945, on September 1st the old world is under the […]

MCM Comic Con May 2016

London MCM Comic Con, hosted in May 2016, was a smash hit event that wowed all those who attended. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and, if you can, you should attend the next Comic Con in October. The cosplayers that […]

Game Review: Stellaris

Background Stellaris is the newest real time strategy game from Paradox Interactive, the same company that have made amazing classics such as Europa Universal and Crusader Kings. Whereas Europa and Crusader kings focused on the earth and the conquest, politics […]