Author: Syed Ali 

Dark Souls 3 screenshot

Game Review: Dark Souls III

Background The Souls series has begun to have almost a parallel relationship to characters in their games: both started out as small and weak, both learn from their failings, and both, by the end of their journey, are strengthened from […]

The Division Screenshot

Game Review: The Division

Background The Division is Ubisoft’s most recent new IP and attempts to be a realistic and serious game about a group of secret agents who are only answerable to the President of the United States of America. Called ‘the division’, […]

Far Cry Primal Screenshot

Game Review: Far Cry Primal

Background Far Cry Primal has an interesting concept, aiming to make you feel like a primitive homosapien in the era after the Ice Age and the creation of the first civilisations such as the Indus Valley. Gone are the guns, […]

Street Fighter V Character

Game Review: Street Fighter V (PS4)

Background Street Fighter is considered by many to be one of the very first ‘proper’ fighting games, in terms of the fact that two people have the ability to fight each other for glory and being considered the best. It […]

Game Review: Rainbow Six Siege

Disclaimer: this review this game is multiplayer game only as such the features discussed may be changed after the review has been published Intro The Rainbow Six franchise has always been, historically speaking, focused on realism, team work and tactical […]

Game Review: Just Cause 3

[Warning, this review may have minor spoilers that occur within the first hour of the game.] Before I start this review I’ll give you my history of this franchise and of sandbox games as a whole. When Grand Theft Auto […]

GAME REVIEW: Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is a game that deals with various conflicting themes, such as loss of innocence when your child is ripped from your partner’s hands to the beginnings of hope you have as you first emerge from the Vault. This […]