Competition Rules

Unless otherwise stated, these rules (the “House Rules” or the “Rules”) apply to all competitions operated by Insanity Radio (hereafter the “Station”). Specifically, the Competition refers to competitions that are currently being hosted by the Station. The Station is a part of Royal Holloway Students’ Union, a registered charity (1141998) (hereinafter the “Students’ Union” or “RHSU”).

Some competitions may not be directly operated by the Station – you can find specific details at the bottom of the page.

“Entrant” refers to a member of the public who has entered the Competition.

“Winner” refers to the Entrant who is deemed to have won the competition.

Current Competitions

Only The Poets Tickets
To enter this competition, you must have completed the entry requirements, no later than 23:59:59 GMT on 30th of April 2023. A winner will be selected at random and contacted by Instagram Direct Message on the 1st of May. One entry allowed per person.

Using the same Instagram account, the entry requirements for this competition are:

1. General Rules

  1. Anyone who enters the Competition agrees to be bound by the Rules. If an Entrant participates in more than one competition, these Rules apply individually to each Competition that said Entrant has entered.
  2. If an Entrant wants to withdraw from a competition, they can by sending a request in writing to Station Management, who can be contacted from the “Contact Us” page available in the sitemap of this website.
  3. Competition specific rules (the “Specifics”) are given on the bottom of this page. The Specifics may contain rules that override with the Rules. In this case, the rules in the Specifics take precedence.
  4. Unless stated otherwise, the Winner will be picked at random from the pool of Entrants. If the Competition format requires the Entrant to answer a factual question (e.g. by picking a multiple choice answer in their entry), the pool of Entrants will only include Entrants who have correctly answered said question. The Winner will be announced on air, but the initial draw may take place previous to the announcement, after the competition end date.
  5. If a Winner is unavailable during announcement, is deemed to have broken the Rules, or otherwise withdraws, another winner may be selected through the same method as the original Winner.
  6. The Winner may be required to talk to the presenter(s) either live or for a pre-recorded segment. In this case, the Winner agrees to abide by the Station’s Phone-In Policy. If the Winner is unable to answer the phone, another Winner may be selected as per clause 1.5.
  7. The Prize is outlined in the Specifics. Unless the Prize is cash, the Prize cannot be substituted for cash. The Winner may refuse the Prize, in which case a new Winner will be decided as per 1.5.
  8. The Station reserves the right to end the competition early, cancel the competition, or modify the terms at any time.
  9. If the Station invokes 1.8, the Entrant may choose not to accept the modified competition terms, and is able to withdraw their entry as per 1.2.
  10. Unless stated, the Competition is not endorsed by any brands other than the Station.
  11. Entrants have the right to raise a complaint to the Station or RHSU if they do not believe the competition is conducted fairly.
  12. Broadcast competitions are bound by Ofcom Broadcasting Code (§2.13 – §2.16). Entrants have the statutory right to complain directly to Ofcom if they do not believe the competition is conducted fairly.

2. Eligibility

  1. The Competition is open to any member of the public (not just students at Royal Holloway), however the following restrictions do apply.
  2. For most competitions, an Entrant must be aged 18 and over. Anyone under 18 (a Minor) may indirectly enter a competition through a Parent and/or Legal Guardian aged over 18. In this case, for contractual reasons, the adult is legally to be regarded as the Entrant.
  3. Unless otherwise stated, an Entrant cannot be a Production Board member of the Station, or a permanent member of staff at the Students’ Union.
  4. Unless otherwise stated, multiple entries are allowed.

3. General Entry Terms

  1. The Competition may require phoning or texting a telephone number. If that is the case, clause 3.2 and 3.3 will apply.
  2. Entrants must seek bill-payer’s permission before entering the Competition. In that case, entering will charge the bill-payer at the base rate the cost of a single network-rate message or call.
  3. If the provided number is a premium rate number (either starting 09, or otherwise stated as such in the Specifics), then the bill-payer will be charged additionally the rate as outlined in the Specifics. If an Entrant chooses to withdraw from the competition, refunds are generally not permitted.
  4. Refunds are only possible in the case that the Competition is ended early as in clause 1.8. In this case, entrants may contact the station to request a refund of the entry fee. This refund is limited to premium rate numbers and online only, and will not cover internet/mobile data or the price of a stamp if postal entry was used.