Production Board

Insanity Radio is ran by a team of enthusiastic volunteers called the Media Production Board. They work with the rest of the station’s volunteers, the Students’ Union, and Royal Holloway, University of London to make sure Insanity is fulfilling the best of its potential. The Board meets weekly to discuss the station’s operation and direction. This meeting is chaired by the the Station Manager.

Board meetings are open to all members of the station – everyone is encouraged to attend if they want to see how to the station operates.

Your first point-of-call is the person who best-fits the mini-profiles below. If you’re uncertain on who to contact, the Head of Operations is the best bet. Be sure to change insanity to – we’ve done that to stop all of the spam!

Station Manager – Will Nicholson

The Station Manager’s role is to run the board and oversee the station. As well as handling the majority of the legal , financial and day-to-day operating matters, the Station Manager sits on the station’s advisory committee, and bridges the gap between the station, the college, and Royal Holloway Students’ Union.

Contact – [email protected] / [email protected]

Head of Operations – Lily Jackaman

The Head of Operations helps the Station Manager with administration, communications with station members, and contact information. They also organise cover for shows and ensures the station is keeping to its Key Commitments.

Contact – [email protected]

Head of ProgrammingMaddie Joyce

The Head of Programming’s biggest responsibility is to manage the station’s show schedule, oversee presenter and off-air applications, and keep the station diverse by making sure we have a variety of content. E-mail me if you want to get involved, either on-air or off-air! They administrate the practical element of show programming and are the main point of contact for on-air presenters.

Contact – [email protected] / [email protected]

Head of Content & Standards – Molly Pearson

The Head of Content & Standards leads the producers team and ensures that all of our broadcasts are legal. They also help to organise the training and development of presenters and off-air members.

Contact – [email protected] / [email protected]

Head of Station Sound – Tamsin Stevenson

Chairs the Sound team, who create the on-air branding (sound-bites and jingles). Get in touch if you’re a voice actor, or looking to be involved in creating various sounds for the airwaves.

Contact – [email protected]

Head of Technology – Jamie Woods

Is responsible for the Station’s technical infrastructure, including the IT systems, studios, apps, cameras, website and e-mails. Contact me if you need any help with the above or have any questions about how it works!

Contact – [email protected] / [email protected]

Head of Community (Outreach) – Kinga Stusik

Co-leads the Station’s volunteering/external outreach team with the Head of Community (Activities), giving voices and support to local schools and youth groups. I organise workshops, interviews etc. with the local community of Surrey. Let me know by e-mail if you are interested in participating in our radio workshops!

Contact – [email protected] / [email protected]

Head of Community (Activities) – Amber Brooks

Co-leads the Community Team with the Head of Community (Outreach), and co-ordinates open days and workshops. If you’re interested in workshops, contact my partner Kinga, the Head of Community (Outreach)!

Contact – [email protected] / [email protected]

Head of Events – Freddie Lee

Organises all of the Station’s events on campus from club night takeovers to DJ Workshops. E-mail me at the address above if you’re a DJ or looking to be involved in our varied events.

Contact – [email protected]

Head of Music – Christian Sayers

Our Head of Music compiles the Station’s playlists, and leads the Music Team, who write reviews and find new music. Contact me if you’re a local artist looking for exposure or a gig venue looking for some publicity through reviews.

Contact – [email protected]

Head of News – Matthew Thornton

Writes articles for the website, co-ordinates the Newsroom, and oversees the daily bulletins. If you’re interested in being part of local News, or have something to report that’s happened in the local area – e-mail me!

Contact – [email protected]

Head of Commercial – Vinay Harji

Co-ordinates station advertising/sponsorship (on-air promotions), and market research. If you’re a local business or company looking to advertise – contact me through the address above.

Contact – [email protected]

Head of Publicity – Lucie Robbins

Responsible for executing publicity drives around campus, our website content and the production of advertising content. If you have a question about the appearance of our website or social media, e-mail me.

Contact – [email protected]

Supervising Trustee (RHSU President) – Henn Warwick

The Supervising Trustee is a permanent member of staff, and a student trustee of Royal Holloway Students’ Union. They help the board coordinate activities with the union and the university, and provide the managers with advice.

Contact – [email protected]