Contact Us

How to contact Insanity? Ask the monkey!

If you want to contact the presenter team, WhatsApp us on 01784 81 81 88!

Some shows operate a phone-in system. To take part, call 01784 81 81 88. Note the switchboard won’t open until the presenter shares the number on air.

If you’d like to speak to someone specifically, you can check out a list of board members.

The Station’s reception number is 01784 276734. For safety reasons, our volunteers are instructed not to answer the phone, so if you need to speak to someone please email them first and arrange a time.

We love new music and local artists, but please don’t send unsolicited emails to the wrong places – we simply don’t have time to make sure they end up in the right person’s inbox. Instead, please use the “Submit Music For Airplay” link above to contact our music team.