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We’re legally obligated to tell you if the Insanity Radio website (the Service) uses cookies.

This website uses cookies. Sometimes.

They are fundamental to the operation of the website and are solely used by our firewall to ensure that our site isn’t vulnerable to security risks, and to speed up your access to the website. By browsing the website, you’re agreeing to accept these cookies in your user agent – we don’t need your explicit consent according to GDPR. No annoying banners, yay!

We utilise the HTML5 “session storage”, which stores very temporary data until you close the tab, and the “local storage” to persist data like your accessiblity settings. These are similar to cookies, except that they are not transmitted over the network, they are kept locally on your computer and your computer only.

If you log in to access a protected part of the Service, we will use the cookie for the duration of your session to stop you needing to log in every time you load a page.

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