The award winning musician Mark Sullivan, is the first artist to start 2017 on the Coffee House Sessions tour. The talented singer/songwriter released his most recent album at the beginning of December, and is due to play at Royal Holloway on Monday 16th at 5pm. So come along to Tommy’s Bar in the Students Union on campus, to check out Sullivan’s musical talents in the flesh.

Here is the Coffee House Sessions pre-tour interview with Mark himself…

1. What one song could you not live without?

Jeff Buckley – Lover, You Should’ve Come Over

2. And what song is your guilty pleasure?

Genie In A Bottle

3. You’ve got the chance to record a duet… who would you like to sing with you?

Emeli Sande

4. Tell us about where you’re from…

I’m from Stevenage. I’ve been playing in and around the area for a long time. My parents were heavily into Motown and the Beatles and I grew up playing guitar, first joining a band around the age of 14. Stevenage’s music scene is pretty much non existent, however the scene in Hitchin next door is fairly healthy.

5. What’s been your career highlight so far?

Winning Rock The House Soloist category, having my award presented to me by Rick Wakeman and then getting to play at the US ambassador’s’ house all in one day!

6. What are you most looking forward to about the Coffee House Sessions tour?

Getting to perform around the country to new listeners – playing live is what I live for.

7. What would we find in your dream rider?

Vocalzone, peroni, iberico ham, selection of cheeses, 1000 packs of guitar strings, and maybe a chilli sauce laden kebab after the show!

8. Which famous person, dead or alive, would you most like to have a coffee with?

Jimi Hendrix

9. Have you ever been starstruck?

Yes, I met Flea from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers in London once and rather than asking for a photo I proceeded to say “Flea, you’re a legend”. I then ran away like a little child. Gutted I didn’t get a photo!

10. What advice do you wish someone would have given you when you were just starting out in the music industry?

Believe in yourself. If you want it you can get it.

11. Where can people go to find out more about you?


Herside Story, by Hare Squead

The new hip-hop trio from Ireland, recently released their latest track ‘Herside Story’, for all those reminiscing summer. Although they may attract an audience with an ‘acquired taste’, as evidenced below, they nonetheless are moving up in the music world, and after supporting Dua Lipa, could 2017 twice as good?

Halina: “The song has some quirky beats but generally it’s a bit of a weird song, not really a clubby song or an easy listening song; it has no genre.”

Beth: “Not a fan at all: I started to understand what he was saying about halfway through and I think the weird video sums up the strange vibe completely.”

Megan: “The singer is trying to sound too much like Drake’s music style in my opinion.”

Fab: “Not my thing but there are definitely some decent similarities to Drake in there!”

Wade: It’s very confusing. It’s the same problem I have with Jason Derulo and Chris Brown. They both sound exactly the same. And this dude sounds like Drake.”

Josh: “The type of song you want to chill and relax to – has a ‘spaced out’ feel to it.”

Gemma: “I like the beat, but not much of the effects on the vocals. It’s a good tune to nod your head to though.”

Kate: “The kind of song that plays in Tommy’s at the beginning of an SU night.”

Aysha: “It’s hard to understand what the lyrics are even saying – but I don’t think you’re missing out on much if you can’t.”

Adam: “Definitely not my thing – it sounds too light somehow – not enough bass, the mix is really off and let’s not get started on the level of originality in the song.”

Maddalena: “I have mixed feelings about it. I think the singer kills the muse base.”

Noelle: “It sounds a bit like the composer went: ‘I want to make chill beats and all that’ and the vocalist went ‘Nah, I want to rap and say random things and sound like I’m trying to finish my sentence before someone cuts me off really hard’, ad the result was this.”

Elliot: “Too much going on with the vocals, and slightly too sped up.”

Check out Hare Squead’s track here:


Hallucinating, by Elohim

The upcoming electro-pop artist from L.A, Elohim (‘God’ in Hebrew), brings a very unique style of music to the table. With a warm, intoxicating feel of synth-pop, dreamy vocals and electric beats, ‘Hallucinating’ brings a rollercoaster of imaginings. 

Wade: “I like it!!”

Eamoun: “Very summery, perhaps it will keep us all warm this winter..?”

Dulcie: “Good rhythm paired with a catchy melody.”

Megan: “Cool beat, she has a nice young voice, it is very unique and has a distinct feel to any other song.”

Laura: “Perfect slice of sweet fuzzy pop that makes me severely miss summer.”

Elliot: “Funky, tribal, energetic!”

Gemma:  “Interesting combination of classic and digital instruments. Like the idea of computerised voices.”

Check out Elohim’s Hallucinating on YouTube:


33 “GOD” by Bon Iver

Bon Iver’s third album ’22, a million’, released on the 30th of September, consists of drums, horns and eccentric sounds that build  into an intriguing aesthetic sound.

A few members of the music team reviewed one of the new tracks 33 “GOD”…

Gemma: “Would love to hear this song at a live concert, waving my hands up side to side.”

Elliot: “Sounds almost clash with each other; not my style.”

Molly: “Very atmospheric – really enjoyed the first third but the rest of the song resembled the dissonance of a car horn. A ver relentless car horn.”

Izzy: “An amalgamation of sounds and vocals that produce a score to a relaxing break in one’s day.”




One Sentence Review: ‘Warm’ by Becky Hill

Gemma: Unusual intro, but a good unusual.

Charlie: Good production/backing.

Megan: Interesting beat and a cool voice.

Ije: Infection melody, synth reminds me of Wildfire by SBTBKT

Phoebe: Strange intro but once it gets started, had a good drum and beat.

Eamoun: Pure going out hype track, better than average.

Laura: SBTBKT mood big time, the laters are beautiful and the vocals are kickass.

Dulcie: Minimal background music really highlights her amazing voice.

Maddalena: Interesting sound, need to listen to it again.

Elliot: Interesting blend of contemporary styles.

Noëlle: The kind of song that gets stuck in your head…sounds like the people in the video would be dancing in slow motion.

Kate: Super sexy, SU worthy.




Just 24 hours after the release of their new album “WALLS”, Kings of Leon are number one in the UK iTunes chart for “Top Albums”. This won’t probably surprise their fans that had been waiting to hear new music from this band for three years. WALLS, abbreviation for We Are Like Love Songs, takes us back to the band’s old, but iconic, style: that style you can’t help but like. The band was able to combine their early works’ acoustics to the new modern music influences. Kings of Leon’s soft rock is accompanied by some new and experimental sounds that make their songs unique.

Opener “Waste A Moment” is a classic throwback song that recalls their early 2000s youth. “Reverend”, my personal favourite, presents some heart wrecking lyrics and a lovely sharp guitar that goes on for the whole song. “Around the World” is the typical song you’ll listen to on the radio and dance to while driving. “Conversation Piece” has an original background sound that absolutely works with Caleb Followill’s voice. “Muchacho” features this rhythmic and unheard melody that carries on for the entire song. Songs like “Find Me” or “Over” express the band’s need of being heard.

WALLS tells us a story, a story about people and their everyday life. People that get lost, people that can’t find themselves, people that love, people that suffer, people that live. Every song touches a deep and meaningful topic that describes something about every member of the band. Listening to WALLS pushes you closer to this band and makes you understand a bit more about them. All the ten songs of the album seem to be connected, in a way or another, to each other. It’s an album to listen all in one go.

We can say that the Tennessee band may have left apart their old Southern natural habitat to enter a more thoughtful and intimate sound that it’s absolutely worth a listen.


01. Waste A Moment

02. Reverend

03. Around The World

04. Find Me

05. Over

06. Muchacho

07. Conversation Piece

08. Eyes On You

09. Wild


By Maddalena Petromilli

ONE SENTENCE REVIEW: 'What If' – Craig David

One Sentence Review: ‘What if’, by Craig David

Bringing back the ‘One Sentence Review’ this year, whereby each member of the music team review a new, random song. Here is this week’s…

Georgia: “Good beat to nod your head to.”

Eamoun: “Some of the best parts of early 2000s but sounds as dated.”

Daniel: “Throwing back to the early 2000’s!”

Wade: “Wouldn’t play it on my show!!”

Halina: “Good beat and lyrics, but nothing new.”

Gemma: “The beat reminds me of old 90’s R&B and the voice has a nice soothing vocal.”

Francis: “Boring, melodramatic nonsense.”

Bethan: “Not much development.”

Sam: “Naff.”

James: “Throwing you right back to an era you’re glad you left.”

Megan: “A great slow jam with a great catchy beat.”

Haroun: “Very radio friendly.”

Noelle: “It reminds me of songs that play in corny teen movies…Very Jason Derulo in my opinion.”

Dulcie: “Sounds like Justin Timberlake c. 2004.”

Phoebe: “Really catchy song – good tune for the radio.”

Nicolette: “Classic bae – loved it!”

Josh:  “It’s the 2000’s all over again!”

Charlotte: “Catchy, good for entertainment shows.”

Unknown: “From the second it starts you can tell it is a classic Craig David song with a base and a good range.”

Ijeoma: “Craig has a very distinctive voice, I enjoyed the song and very different as it contained a key change and most RnB songs today don’t have one. No wonder he is nominated for a MOBO award.”

Archie: “The lyrics, although slightly different, were devoid of anything interesting, which was a shame for such a lyric-driven song. The melody was bland and repetitive. Overall, a song with no bite.”



Quarterlights, the rock/pop band, who formed at Royal Holloway back in 2013, recently released their EP ‘The Real Life’. The band consists of Ollie Clark  (Vocals, Piano, Saxophone, Violin), Tom Molloy (Lead Guitar), Andrew Skipper  (Bass Guitar) and Luke Beasley  (Drums). 

They came to the studio for a chat and live, acoustic session – follow the link to listen to the show (in two parts)…



Interview conducted by: Isobel Sheeran and Halina Hayre

‘The Real Life’:

Itunes –

Spotify – spotify:artist:3S4hlPFZxiNsOA1QOQVnsJ


THE HUNNA: New Album '100'


 The Hunna four-piece indie-rock band from Hertfordshire, UK – established themselves on the scene when their debut single ‘Bonfire’ was released back in October 2015. Now, their debut album, ‘100’, has hit the charts running, with incredible support from BBC Radio 1. With sold-out London shows, Festival appearances, and their biggest tour so far in the UK hitting off to an astounding start – we managed to grab some time with the lead guitarist Dan Dorney.

Insanity Radio: Is it OK if I call you Dan?

Dan Dorney: Absolutely, or BD100, whatsup?

Insanity Radio: I have an interesting fact for you!

Dan Dorney: OK.

Insanity Radio: ‘Huna’ is an actual word in punjabi!

Dan Dorney: Is it really?

Insanity Radio: Yeah! And it’s a tag question,  meaning ‘isn’t it?’

Dan Dorney: Ah cool!

Insanity Radio: Because when I first heard it, when I was doing my research about you guys, I thought, are they an Indian rock band? I was so confused. Where does the name come from? It’s quite original, very unique and I’m sure it’s so memorable. 

Dan Dorney: Yeah, well funnily enough it actually came from what you just said. We have like a hip-hop background, we’re very diverse in our music, we all like different types of genres in music, and within hip-hop music, there weren’t ‘Hunnas’ used a lot, it means, you know, give 100% into something. Before we released, we spent two years writing and recording a few hundred songs and given it everything we got, and it just kinda sits with The Hunna, like we’ve given 100% in what we’re doing. Then we put ‘The’ in front of it, and we came up with it. But funnily enough, we actually come up with it in Tesco, somewhere in Bath, we were all hungover walking around, and we were like, ‘we should be called The Hunna man!’ – and we were like, ‘yeah, lets do that, lets do that’. And, we did.

Insanity Radio: It’s a really nice message, that you all have given 100%, like that’s a nice message to send to the fans.

Dan Dorney: Yeah definitely!

Insanity Radio: How close are you to the other band members, are you like brothers, best friends, what are your relationships?

Dan Dorney: Honestly, we are literally brothers from other mothers. I’ve known Jermaine since Year 2 at school, I remember finding him on the playground and saying ‘Can I play with you?’, and he let me play with him, and I’ve known him since then. Ryan, I’ve known since college, the age of 16 – that’s when we decided to start this band. I’ve known Jack since I was 18, I’m 24 now – we’re all 24. So yeah, we’ve known each other for a really long time, like, we would always hang out with each other, got to do band stuff together, like recording, doing whatever really.

Insanity Radio: So you’ve almost grown up together?

Dan Dorney: Yeah, we have, honestly we have, it’s cool because we’re experiencing everything for the first time together. It’s really cool, and we all come from the same town and we all know each other in and out – it’s really good, because, whenever it gets tough, we have each other to rely on, and it’s really really good, it’s amazing.

Insanity Radio: So speaking about likes and interest, do you all like the same things, are you into the same kind of music, because when you’re writing and making music, are you into the same things, or do you have different tastes?

Dan Dorney: We’re all different, but we’re all the same, it’s really hard to explain – we’re all very diverse, like I said, we all have – like, Jack is the hip-hop King, I love my rock’n’roll, but we all do, we all like different genres, but it’s cool because we all bring new music to each other, we always check it out.

Insanity Radio: It’s good that you’ve all got individual tastes, and you all bring it together. So what has been the most memorable moment, as a band, together?

Dan Dorney: It’s going to have to be the Electric Ball-room. The Electric Ballroom was our first sold-out show in London. With the capacity of like 1200 I believe, and our next big show in London will be Kentish Town Forum – we’ve sold three-quarters of the tickets, so we only have a quarter left! That’s definitely the best memory for us.

Insanity Radio: I bet you’re excited for that London show then?

Dan Dorney: Oh, so excited – it’s like a dream come true honestly – I’ve worked so hard, so finally for it to happen in reality is amazing.

Insanity Radio: So speaking about sold-out shows, where do you see yourself in 10 years time? – Do you want to sell out the O2, is that the big dream?

Dan Dorney: That’s exactly what we want to do, in all honesty we want to be one of the biggest bands in the world if we can be. We always like, we want to inspire like we’ve been inspired. We want to inspire generations, inspire people to pick up the guitar, go on the drums, play the bass, sing. And just inspire generations ahead of us, and keep playing music, and keep writing, and keep having a good time, and enjoy it.

Insanity Radio: When you were younger, who was your inspiration? Who was your favourite musician/band?

Dan Dorney: Personally, my dad kind of educated me on the Rock N’ Roll. He presented to me like ACDC, Guns N’ Roses, all the massive, commercial, amazing rock bands. I used to really want to be in a massive rock band like ACDC or something like that. But we’re all inspired in different ways, I know Ryan has been educated when he was young by lots of soul music, like soul singing – his dad loves soul and blues. And Jack, like Queen, and Jermaine is the same as me, but Jermaine went to the same school as me like I said, we grew up listening to music together; like he would bring Nirvana, and I’d bring Radiohead or something like that, we were always bouncing off each other – that’s what we’re still kind of doing now, keep bringing new music along – it’s amazing, really cool.

Insanity Radio: If you weren’t in a band, what would you be doing?

Dan Dorney: Trying to make it in a band! We’ve always, me and Ryan especially, and especially the other guys as well individually but, we always wanted to be doing exactly what we’re doing. I left college at the age of 18 with Ryan, and we commited to doing something like this, and we tried everything we could possibly think of, like bar work, construction, sales. We were those guys you call up and ask ‘do you need a reclaim or PPI’ – you know, we’ve been there done that. We’d probably work in like, any job really.

Insanity Radio: What would you say was the nicest job you’ve had and what’s the worse job you’ve had?

Dan Dorney: Ohh- There’s definitely been two of them…like, we worked in construction, it wasn’t a nice job, it wasn’t easy, but the people we worked with were incredible people, and they taught us a lot of values and other good things. Also the sales job. It’s really cool cause — you take elements of how people are running their business and how people treat other people and you know you take it onboard, you know, sort of things we’re doing in music and they’ve really influenced us, and taught us a lot. But it has to be either the construction or sales to be honest.

Insanity Radio: I’ve never worked in construction so I haven’t got an opinion there. What would be the last thing you would do going on stage?

Dan Dorney: Ah, well I’m sure, we always put our hands in the middle and then we all like, syc ourselves up, and we all go like, ‘We’re The Hunna’, and we get ready, try get pumped up, do our stretches. Jack’s like our yoga teacher as well, — and he’ll be doing his stretches, and we’ll make fun of him — we’ll get ready, get hyped up — and then get on the stage and kill it. Haha –

Insanity Radio: You are all pretty close, what would you say was the most interesting thing that you’ve done together, apart from the band, like have you been on holiday together…?

Dan Dorney: Oh, we’ve done a lot together besides the band, I mean, we’ve had many holidays, I remember we all went to Ibiza, that was mad, that was really fun, that was good times, a bit of Pacha hotel, bit of Spades. What else have we done?…played football together, you know. There have been countless times, where we’ve done other stuff, and it has been absolutely mad. Just can’t put your finger on one.

Insanity Radio: Ok, so chatting a bit more about your up coming music, your album, things like that. So you’ve released your debut single ‘Bonfire’ last year in October 2016. So what’s next?

Dan Dorney: What’s next? Our albums out on the 26th of August, its called ‘100’. It contains 16 tracks, and 5 of the tracks are bonus tracks, but we’ve decided to call them ‘Plus One Hunna Tracks’ – just to be different, have a bit of fun with it. And there’s a lot of bangers on that album. Funnily enough, we all went yesterday to have an album signing, where the CD’s are made, and the Vinyls are made, and we took some with us, and on the drive back, through Stevenage, to Hertfordshire, Watford, we got on the album and it absolutely blew us away, we were really happy and impressed with how it sounds. So big singles coming out, it’s gonna be new tracks that you haven’t heard, like ‘Alive’, ‘Never Enough’, ‘Bad For You’ – we got a lot of big bangers on that album.

Insanity Radio: So everyone listening to this, watch out for The Hunna and their new album coming out on the 26th of August. They’ve got a lot of new tracks, something for everyone on their album. So are you all from Hertfordshire?

Dan Dorney: Yep, we are all from Hertfordshire, in a little town called Watford.

Insanity Radio: Watford?

Dan Dorney: Yeah! Watford, yeah!

Insanity Radio: That’s not very little, I mean, I’m from Birmingham –

Dan Dorney: Birmingham’s a lot bigger than Watford, no? Haha-

Insanity Radio: Well when I say I’m from Birmingham, I’m from a place called Warsall, and it’s like a village outside. What’s Watford like growing up?

Dan Dorney: Watford, you know, it’s actually pretty cool, you’re only like, a 20 minute train away from London, you know, and that, it’s so great to get in and out, like without have the hustle and bustle all the time. It’s really cool, like, you know, it’s up and coming as well, there’s been a lot of money being put into Watford right now, it’s on its way up. But, you know, we always spent our time in the Harlequinn, always shopping, and everyones really cool there, it’s a really cool place to be. And it’s near London! – Haha

Insanity Radio: So would you say London is like your favourite place in the UK?

Dan Dorney: Yeah, I have to say, we do like a bit of London, especially now we’re older, we try and go in there as much as we can. Like we said, it’s only like a 20 minute train journey.

Insanity Radio: What would you say is your favourite part of London? Oxford Street, Covent Garden, Camden?…

Dan Dorney: We like to spend a lot of time in Camden, Camden is really fun. Like all the stalls, you know, you’ve got big bars, good places to eat. But we go everywhere. There are still so many places in London we need to explore and know, better than we do now.

Insanity Radio: Have you met Lana Del Ray?

Dan Dorney:Unfortunately not no, we’ve heard some stories, from people in the studios writing with Lana Del Ray, and obviously, Tim’s an amazing guy, we’ve given him a squad name, we call him Uncle Tim. He is like an uncle to us, literally, he is incredible. We wrote loads of songs and then we put them to Tim, and then he taught us loads of different techniques and how to write in different ways and loads of stuff we didn’t know, then he went through our music with us, and we worked on some other tracks and made them, improved them, make them a bit better. And like, he’s really good, and he has become a really close friend to us, just incredible.

Insanity Radio: Is he like a mentor then?

Dan Dorney: Yeah, he is honestly like, he is the man, he knows. He is honestly the nicest guy you’ll ever meet, he is so down to earth. And funnily enough, he’s got a little baby on the way at the moment and we can’t wait! A little Hunna baby! Haha-

Insanity Radio: Who would you say was the one person, who set of people, who you can say, ‘yes, they assisted us from the start, they’ve helped us, we are where we are today because of them’ – who would they be?

Dan Dorney: Yeah well, we are where we are today, like from the work we put in. You know, it didn’t happen over night, like I said, we spent so many years preparing and writing, and getting ready for what we’re trying to accomplish now, and what we are accomplishing actually. And, you know, people who are surrounding us, we surround ourselves with good people, and our record label, an independent label, they’re not a major label, they’ve brought so much to the table and like, it’s like a family, honestly, the label, the people we’re working with, what we’re doing, its still really strong, and we couldn’t be happier with the people we are surrounded by.

Insanity Radio: So do you have anything you want to say to your fans or to anyone listening to Insanity Radio – a little message?

Dan Dorney: OK, One Hunna, thank you for listening, appreciate it, and go check out our album, it’s going to be out on the 26th of August, which is days away, it’s going to be an awesome album, hopefully album of the year, go check it out and spread the word – OneHunna.

Interview conducted by Halina Hayre

Written up by Isobel Sheeran

Please do check out the audio of the interview here:

The Hunna:




From the 7th – 9th July 2016, the music and arts festival NOS Alive in Lisbon, Portugal, celebrated its 10-year anniversary. With the beautiful weather and location, the festival has grown considerably over those 10 years, evolving into an event popular not just within Portugal but across Europe and the world. It now attracts both local and international visitors, as well as widely spread big and upcoming artists from a variety of musical genres. Having been fortunate enough to attend the festival this year, I had the opportunity to see headliners including Radiohead, The Chemical Brothers and Arcade Fire as well as other big names from a range of genres, such as; The 1975, Years and Years, Biffy Clyro, Two Door Cinema Club, Band of Horses, M83, Wolf Alice, Tame Impala, Foals, Pixies and Grimes. The list is endless and it was awesome!

As it was my first festival ever, I was a little anxious at the prospect of going to one abroad instead of remaining within the UK. However, following the three days I can confirm that the festival combined everything that I love about music in an environment that was both safe and organized but also just the greatest fun! From the moment you arrived following the 4pm opening, whether by car, train or bus from the local campsite, there was live music as well as people handing out lanyards and colorful cowboy hats, ready to greet you. Entering the festival area with the sea on one side and beautiful cultural landmarks on the other, it was evident that the light-up sign along the edge that said, “The Dream is Real” could not have been more accurate. From there, the music, starting officially at about 6pm on one of the three main stages (NOS, Heineken and Clubbing), continued non-stop through to the next morning’s sunrise.

With a line up that continues to get better every year, it was hard to pick just a few stand out performances. The Chemicals Brothers however, packed the main NOS stage, with the entire crowd hanging onto every beat of the intense bass, enjoying their endless drop teasing. The incredible light show and addition of two giant robots also helped to create an atmosphere of communal excitement. Two Door Cinema Club, who were very well received on the Heineken stage, also deserve a mention and were a personal favourite, with their ceaseless collection of indie rock hits that got the entire crowd jumping and dancing. It was this feeling of celebration and enjoyment that was evident in each crowd across the course of the festival and what really made the few days. With the range in age of the audiences, from the most adorable 6 year olds all the way up to seasoned festival veterans, the collections of friends and families were open, enthusiastic and respectful. Evident particularly, in the mosh pits of Foals and Biffy Clyro, the voluntary nakedness for the big screens during Tame Impala and the presenting of a bra to Father John Misty! As well as, of course, the non-stop insane dance moves throughout the nights.

The festival was also home to many independent food stands serving a range of items ranging from wraps to burgers, pasta, pizza, and churros. The bars set up around the arena also sold endless Heineken beer along with a mix of many other drinks and I feel the need to mention that the bathrooms were also surprisingly adequate! Overall, I have only positive things to say about my experience at NOS Alive 2016! With a capacity of only about 55,000, the festival combined the joys of being a part of an amazingly excited crowd whilst maintaining a community feel and intimacy with the artists. The line up speaks for itself and I know the festival will only continue to grow from here based on its past success. If you are at all interested in exploring alternatives to just UK festivals, NOS Alive is one of the firsts you should consider!

*For more info visit:

LANDMARKS: "‘Cutting Strings' started as a simple idea with a line from Avengers…"


The alternative-rock band Landmarks, originating from Manchester, are in the run-up to releasing their third EP ‘In Spite Of It All’ – due to be released on the 12th of August. The group recently teased their fans with the unveiling of the single ‘Cutting Strings’ (video out now), which shows the transition from their early days of punk-pop.

Here’s the interview we had, introducing themselves, their music and their future goals…

Insanity Radio: When did you all first meet? What made you want to start a band?

Brad: Adam, Tom, and I played in a few local Manchester bands throughout the years and eventually joined together when each of them disbanded. We found Nic online when our original guitarist James McCormick left the band last year and he’s fit right in! He wants to be in a band for the exact same reasons as us; to create music which means something and makes people happy no matter what situation they find themselves in. All of us just love music and the feelings it can bring about, and we hope that passion is reflected in the songs we write.

Insanity Radio: So with the release of your new EP ‘In Spite of it All’ just around the corner, what’s your favourite song to play live?

Brad: I think we all really enjoy playing the EPs closing track ‘With Clarity’ live at the moment. It’s one of the most mature songs we’ve written to date and we’re all extremely proud of it, plus it allows us to release a lot of energy onstage as it’s one of our bouncier tracks to date. People seem to be enjoying it so far, so we’ll keep playing it until they look like they’re not having a good time!

Insanity Radio: Have any of your songs come, or been influenced, from singing in the shower?

Brad: I can honestly say that I write about 80% of lyrics while showering. It’s not ever something I really think about, a line will just come to me while washing my hair and before I know it, I’ve thought of a melody and I’m wailing as loud as I can – so long as there’s nobody else in the house.

Insanity Radio: With the teaser release of ‘Cutting Strings,’ is there a particular story to meaning behind the song?

Brad: ‘Cutting Strings’ started as a simple idea with a line from Avengers: Age of Ultron inspiring the chorus hook, and from there I started to develop a sort in my head of a relationship on the rocks, with the girl in question falling out of love with the man who’s perspective is heard in the song. I feel like there’s too many couples nowadays that expect the world from each other when really, we should step back and appreciate the little things that connect us. Some of it comes from personal experience, some of it is just part of a narrative I put together in my mind, but I think it’s something we can all empathise with at some point in our lives.

Insanity Radio: Your newer music seems to have evolved from ‘pop punk’ to ‘alt-rock.’ What was the reasoning behind this change?

Brad: This was something we discussed when Nic first joined the band and luckily, his taste in music is pretty much the exact same as ours! We never really felt like we fit in with the pop punk scene in the UK because many of our influences were outside of the genre, so we just started writing what we wanted to hear instead. Personally, I feel like this is the right direction for us and properly reflects our abilities as musicians.

Insanity Radio: For all the fans out there, are there any dates they should write down in their diaries of any upcoming shows?

July 29th – Deadbolt Relaunch @ the Ruby Lounge, Manchester

August 27th – Bear Wych Fest – Middlewich

September 25th – Retro Bar – Manchester supporting Beyond Zero

Insanity Radio: What song do you have on repeat at the moment?

Brad: I simply cannot get enough of ‘Your Deep Rest’ by The Hotelier right now. That whole album is just incredible, but that song in particular hits you right where it hurts, in ways that only a few bands are capable of. It’s utterly sincere and heartbreakingly honest. If you’ve never listened to The Hotelier, I wholeheartedly recommend you giving them a go. They are one of the few bands out there right now doing something both meaningful and original.

Insanity Radio: Are there any venues/festivals you would love to play at in the future?

Brad: It would be so cool if we could play Groezrock in Belgium! That’s one of those festivals that always seems to have such a cool selection of bands and fans. Also, the beer selection would be incredible.

Insanity Radio: Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to start a band?

Brad: You’ve got to make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. It sounds very cliche but you’ve really got to believe in the music that you make. Whenever you write a song you need to step back and ask yourself, “Is this the kind of music that I would want to listen to?” Hopefully the answer is a resounding “HELL YES”. That being said, don’t force it. You need to be enjoying the process of making music, as well as enjoying the music that you make. Being in a band is a long journey with no particular destination, so you need to make sure you enjoy the ride.

Insanity Radio: What’s the most bizarre thing to happen to you while you were onstage?

Brad: I guess I was technically offstage on this occasion… Stage-adjacent? Anyway, when I was in school, I was part of a talent show that the school held towards the end of the year. Just after I left the stage (having performed an excellent rendition of ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis – classic Manc lad), all of the teachers took to the stage for a surprise performance of their own. They did their version of Peter Kay’s ‘Is This The Way To Amarillo’ video which was, you know, cringey but fine. However, after realising that he was no longer being supervised by any adults, one kid decided to throw the pillow he was sat on at another kid. That other kid retaliated with his pillow, which missed and hit a third kid, who threw his pillow in return. In seconds, the entire room was filled with hundreds of flying pillows. People were getting hit in the face, lighting equipment was knocked over. It was like a soft, feathery Saving Private Ryan. The teachers didn’t know what to do and just carried on with their awkward dance number. Everyone was singing along “Is this the way to throw a pillow? Every night I’ve been throwing my pillow.” Chaos.

Insanity Radio: And lastly, originating from Manchester, are you Manchester United or Manchester City fans? (or neither!?)

Brad: We are 3/4 United fans and 1/4 not a football fan!

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Sticky Blood

The production duo Sticky Blood, includes that of Arctic Monkeys original bass guitarist Andy Nicholson, and Jamie Shields. The two have moved away from their previous projects to produce music together, collaborating with vocalists such as Hekky and Ajay Carter, amongst others, in their quest to create new sounds. With a mix of electronic, hip-hop and grime, the pair seem to acquire multiple styles through each song they release, keeping listeners on their toes.

I got in contact with the duo, to ask them a little bit about their past, present and future…

Insanity Radio: Firstly, is there a backstory to the name ‘Sticky Blood’?

Well it all started when our friend who we nick-named Squidgy Black, was telling us how a certain drink made your blood sticky so we said it sounds like that would be his little brother.  It grew from there…

Insanity Radio: How did you two meet/decide to work together?

We met when we were both working with rappers who knew each other and started the Clubs and Spades project and made a album/mix tape and it just moved on from there really, before long we were sharing a studio and working with other artists and bands.

Insanity Radio: When did your love of producing start?

We both came from band backgrounds and played instruments and it only felt like a natural progression to move towards production. We are both fans of sounds and making all kinds of sounds and capturing things with a vibe and purpose.

Insanity Radio: What are your main influences – in terms of styles and vibes?

There are so many from uk grime to bands. We both like a lot of different styles of music. One day we will be listening to Wiley then Queens of the Stone Age then Dr Dre, so every day is different.

Insanity Radio: Andy, how has the move from being part of Arctic Monkeys to Sticky Blood been? How different is your vision for the material you wish to produce now?

The vision is still the same and it’s make good music. Thats it. Thats all it’s gonna be.

Insanity Radio: How was it to work with your collaborators, such as Hekky and AJay? How did you come to work with them? 

Jamie has been working with Hekky for years and Ajay was some one our manager put us on to. Both really easy to work with.   We just vibe and chat and let the artist Dj on iTunes for a little to see where there head is at.

Insanity Radio: What are you goals for the future? Or where do you see yourself in a few years, musically speaking? 

We are just going to continue to work on new music and with as many new artists as possible and grow and evolve

Insanity Radio: You seem to explore multiple different genres and sounds, keeping your listeners on their toes, would you agree? And if so, what’s your aim behind this?

Yeah that’s the aim and like we said its just because we are into so many different genres.

Insanity Radio: Lastly, is there any musician/singer who you hope or wish to work with?

Loads, mainly ones that have a very individual style and vibe such as Stormzy, Maverick Saber and Cas is dead.  The list is pretty endless.

(Interview conducted by Isobel Sheeran)