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MCM Comic Con May 2016

London MCM Comic Con, hosted in May 2016, was a smash hit event that wowed all those who attended. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and, if you can, you should attend the next Comic Con in October. The cosplayers that […]

Game Review: Stellaris

Background Stellaris is the newest real time strategy game from Paradox Interactive, the same company that have made amazing classics such as Europa Universal and Crusader Kings. Whereas Europa and Crusader kings focused on the earth and the conquest, politics […]

Dark Souls 3 screenshot

Game Review: Dark Souls III

Background The Souls series has begun to have almost a parallel relationship to characters in their games: both started out as small and weak, both learn from their failings, and both, by the end of their journey, are strengthened from […]

The Division Screenshot

Game Review: The Division

Background The Division is Ubisoft’s most recent new IP and attempts to be a realistic and serious game about a group of secret agents who are only answerable to the President of the United States of America. Called ‘the division’, […]