One Sentence Review: Slide – Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean and Migos

The latest Calvin Harris single is another hit, this time on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. The hot track features that of the talented Frank Ocean, and rappers Quavo and Offset from the hip-hop group Migos. Will it be such a success with our music team? Read on to see what they had to say…

Rachael: “Mellow, nice jammy vibes.”

Gemma: “Love the vibe and when the bass drops. Yaas!”

Leah: “Obsessed. Best Calvin song since ‘Acceptable in the 80s’.”

Megan: “The song is catchy and has an interesting beat, would probably listen again.”

James: “A nice old school vibe to this groovy banger.”

Charlotte: “Big transition in the middle, summery and bright!”

Halina: “Very summery and light but not a fan.”

Laura: “Calvin going back to the mellow tunes he began with, and anything Frank Ocean does is Pure Gold.”

Emma: “Really good throwback disco vibe with a sweet bass line.”

Madeline: “Awesome jazzy intro that shows much of a banger this is.”

Joe: “Great vocals and strong feature from Migos, beat however, is bland and unadventurous.”

Noelle: “Good bass line. The kind of song you walk from A to B to. Would go on my monthly favourites.”

Harrison: “A solid groove. A floor-filler for sure.”

Kate: “The perfect funky tune you need at your pre-predrinks (around the time you’re deciding what colour lipstick to wear).”

Helen: “A sunny and funky time to help hurry summer back into your life!”

By The Music Team.


Two Door Cinema Club 

Irish born Two Door Cinema Club closed their UK tour with two sold out events at Alexandra Palace in north London. The atmosphere throughout the evening was not only incredible but also sustained, which was clearly aided by the work of the support acts; Circa Waves and Sundara Karma. Each support act offered something different for the crowd, from their newest tunes to their most popular hits. Circa Waves performance of T-Shirt Weather particularly got the crowd going ready for the main event.

Following the support acts was a brief break in the performance schedule until the black stage curtain dropped to reveal a set with fabulous lighting and technology that highly resembled the Gameshow album cover. Two Door Cinema Club clearly brought a fresh, but familiar, summer sound to a cold February evening. Playing a range of songs across their three albums, Two Door Cinema Club’s confidence and energy added to create an absolutely fantastic performance which allowed the crowd to become familiar with, and even grow to love, the catchy and uplifting melodies. The bands sheer talent, accurate vocals and charisma created an electric concert experience that is bound to wow people as we enter the 2017 festival season. Altogether, it was one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen.

Review by: Ophelia King


Process – Sampha 

“The album that finally reveals a superstar.”

Sampha is one of those ‘behind the scenes’ people that not everyone has heard of and yet most would recognise his music. When an artist collaborates on projects with people as prominent as Drake, Kanye West, and Frank Ocean, it sets a standard. As a listener, you can only expect something truly great when approaching this album, and as a big fan of this music style, I was not disappointed.

His new album “Process” kicks off with “Plastic 100°C”, a track in which you can hear the meticulous work and craft in every layer. It sets the mood for the entire of the album – soft sounding electronic music with emotional vocals and originality. “Plastic 100°C” is followed immediately by “Blood on Me”, the first single of the album. The almost zombie-like backing vocals and soft piano accompaniment carries the calm feeling and mood set in the beginning, but the vocals become desperate in contrast – this works fantastically. You hear these desperate kinds of vocals again on the track “Under” which is one of my personal favourites.

The other singles from the album are “(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano” and “Timmy’s Prayer”. The former is in a somewhat classic singer-songwriter style, often making references to the artist’s mother and of course the piano, a feature you pick up on when you listen some of the other tracks. Its simplicity and raw emotion I think is what has made this track his most popular single. In general, the vocals aren’t the kind that will wow you, but they fit the songs perfectly, and meld with the rest of the musical elements to produce a stunning sound.

Overall, this album is written to be heard as one story, and I recommend setting time aside to listen to it. From beginning to end, Sampha provides an assured ‘just listen to my story’, and you can’t help but do so. The album is also very mellow, to the point where I fell asleep to it several times, which is certainly no bad thing. The regular references to his mother and various health and emotional issues are an artistic expression of a need to heal and recover. And what better way to do so than through music?


Review by Cheylea Hopkinson 


Human – Rag’n’bone Man 

When I first heard the single ‘Human’ by Rag’n’Bone Man (aka Rory Graham), I knew I had to listen to the album the second it dropped. I’m not one to listen to the charts usually, but I found “Human” while browsing the top 100 song playlist on YouTube last year and was hooked from the start. It’s a song that stands out, from the man with a voice you’d never expect – a single with a relatable hook and a standout track amongst the seemingly endless club songs which dominate the charts. The album is going to be amazing, right?

When a label releases an album online, they usually provide a description to give you an idea of what to expect. ‘Human’ is no exception: “Armed with his deep-canyon vibrato, raw emotion and some colossal choruses, Rory Graham takes his big moment. Your starting place is, of course, the title track.” The starting place is the title track for sure. . . but that’s where it kind of stops.

I hate to say it. Maybe my expectations were too high, but even as I write I am listening to the album again, and still don’t remember most of the tracks from my last listen. When I loaded it up I was excited, expecting to discover more tracks like ‘Human’ that I could listen to over and over. I couldn’t help but compare to when I first listened to James Bay’s album “Chaos and the Calm” with similar expectations after his single, “Hold Back the River.” “Chaos and the Calm” did not disappoint. When I listened to the album there were many other tracks I now love too, like “Craving” and “Best Fake Smile”. But with “Human” it just didn’t happen. The bar had been set and then was never even close to being touched.

Armed with his deep-canyon vibrato indeed, Graham’s voice is the only thing carrying this album aside from its title track. Another potentially notable track is “Love You Any Less” which has a few unique sounds in its backing, making it stand out somewhat from the rest. There’s also “Die Easy”, a song in solo a cappella which makes for a nice change in pacing on the album. But just these from a total of 19 tracks? It doesn’t look terribly good.

There’s one thing that cannot be argued, however, and that is the amazing vocals. If you enjoy just solid music with good vocals, then this album is for you. It is a perfectly fine album with some decent tracks, but it’s just not what it could be. It starts with its best track and then from there you’re just always a little disappointed.

Returning to James Bay’s “Chaos and the Calm”, I think these two albums are easily compared. With another talented male singer and a viral track everyone knows the words to, you would expect “Human” to achieve a similar feel. This is true in that both albums are more of a collection of singles rather than a cohesive ‘album story’; however, the difference is that all the songs on “Chaos and the Calm” stand out on their own – there’s diversity and memorability to all of them. “Human” just doesn’t achieve that, missing the mark by inches. There is so much potential there but the overall product is generic and vapid, something that I can only blame on laziness and too much reliance on the strength of Graham’s voice.

I am disappointed but remain hopeful. Maybe after another few listens songs will start to grab my attention – there are a lot of tracks to get through. I can see Rag’n’Bone Man growing and growing and only getting better. With the success of “Human”, I hope that he spends more time in developing the musical sound to truly produce something stunning and original with the next album. Have a listen yourself and make your own opinion!


Review by: Cheylea Hopkinson 

Head Under Water

Better Than Never – Head Under Water 

Fox Records

Oxford pop-punk six-piece, Better Than Never, released their new EP, ‘Head Under Water’ at the end of last year. It was the second EP they released in 2016, following ‘Homemade Hero’ which came out at the start of the year.

Opening track ‘126’ is a short melodic intro that gives a flavour of what is to come. The EP then swiftly progresses into ‘Learning To Swim’ which opens with vocalist Will Keating singing the EP’s title “she keeps my head under water”. The band succinctly use this track to showcase their ability to combine upbeat, catchy music with lyrics that aren’t quite so happy-go-lucky, a feature that spans the entirety of the EP.

Then comes ‘Dreamland Ain’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be’, another track themed around negative things in life and the difficulties in picking yourself back up. Following this, the EP takes quite a dramatic turn with ‘Forty Eight’ which sees Better Than Never delving into the world of metalcore and incorporating some of its elements in a track that mixes aggressiveness with soft vocals. Finally, ‘Lowhill Lane’ is a slower track that nicely wraps the EP up.

Overall, ‘Head Under Water’ neatly showcases the range of skill that Better Than Never possess and shows their growth as a band, as well as being a fun EP to listen to.

By Yasmeen Frasso 


John Nicholas 

Welsh singer-songwriter John Nicholas is the next artist to perform on the Coffee House Sessions Tour. John is known for beating over 12,000 artists in an Open Mic Competition in Birmingham, coming runner-up! He has been working on many projects and had a successful independent career so far – with his debut EP in the works as we speak. So go check him out to hear some new, greatly anticipated releases!

Take a look at what John had to say in his pre-tour interview… 

  1. You’d describe your music as…  Edgy pop that’s catchy and relatable.
  2. You’re currently listening to…  John Mayer, Foy Vance, NEEDTOBREATHE & Mat Kearney
  3. When you’re not making music you’re… Probably, if I’m honest, I am thinking about making music!  But when I’m home I like to be at home, family time is #1
  4. You’d like to duet with… Stevie Wonder, I mean, who wouldn’t?!
  5. Who’s your guilty pleasure? Taylor Swift.
  6. Dead or alive, who would you most like to grab a coffee with? The man who invented coffee.  I’d like to shake his hand and thank him for the beautiful liquid.
  7. You’re an artiste because… I love it.  I always have and I’m so privileged to be able to do what I do full time.  It’s the best job in the world and to be honest, I’m not much good at anything else.
  8. Vinyl, CD or streaming? There’s nothing like the sound of Vinyl so that’s #1, but it’s hard to beat a cheeky bit of streaming on the go.
  9. Your party trick is… I can play any tune by clicking my jaw (don’t worry, it’s not part of the set)
  10. Your hometown is X and we should visit because… Caerdydd!  (Cardiff) It’s a small, friendly city that genuinely has everything.
  11. Tinder or Taken? Taken.  I liked it so I put a ring on it.
  12. Snapchat, Insta, Facebook or Twitter? Call me old school, but FB wins this for me, Twitter coming in a close second, followed by Instagram.  Snapchat never left the starting blocks.
  13. The best boxset ever is… No question.
  14. Coffee House Tour… what are you most excited about? Travelling to new places, meeting new people and performing for you all!


April Keen 

The 19 year old singer-songwriter April Keen, originating from Blackpool, visited Royal Holloway to perform with Coffee House Sessions. With her debut album ‘Against The Tide’ now live on Spotify/iTunes, April answered a few question in her pre-tour interview, giving an insight into what goes on behind the music…

  1. You’d describe your music as…  Indie-folk
  2. You’re currently listening to…  Lower Than Atlantis and Aquilo
  3. When you’re not making music you’re… Working at Wetherspoons!
  4. You’d like to duet with… Gabrielle Aplin – she is my queeeeeeeen
  5. Who’s your guilty pleasure? Eminem
  6. Dead or alive, who would you most like to grab a coffee with? My Grandad, he passed away when my dad was pretty young but I always get told stories about him and I would have loved to of met him!
  7. You’re an artiste because… I want to make people feel something when they’re listening to my music. I’d like somebody to listen to my songs and for it to help them to get through their day, whatever it may bring.
  8. Vinyl, CD or streaming? Streaming
  9. Your party trick is… I can make my eyeballs vibrate (don’t judge me).
  10. Your hometown is X and we should visit because… Blackpool. It’s much cheaper than London! I can buy 6 drinks on a Monday for the price of 1 in London – thats crazy! The piers are lovely, and the beaches are great for dog walks – I always used to take my dog Lucy there. Also, if you get the chance then go to a gig at the Winter Gardens in the Empress Ballroom, it’s a stunning room.
  11. Tinder or Taken? Tinder. I don’t have it though!
  12. Snapchat, Insta, Facebook or Twitter? I LOVE snapchat although I mostly end up featuring in my housemates’ stories acting like a crazy person. I don’t think I’ve made a legit twitter post in a few years, I should probably get back into it :-/
  13. The best boxset ever is… Nashville! My whole house is in LOVEEE with that show!
  14. Coffee House Tour… what are you most excited about? Getting the chance to play to so many people my age all around the country! I’m visiting so many places that I’ve never even been myself. I’m super excited to play my new material and see what people think. I’m also very excited for the nostalgic singalongs in the car as we drive to all our destinations.



Location: Camden Assembly, great venue; fairly small but a cool space to see live music, with groovy lighting to enhance all the bands onstage.

Support Acts:

Temple of Anyone:

“Really great sound; two vocalists with varying tones and styles but merge together for intense, funky, headbanger songs, especially in the instrumental breaks. Great start to the evening!” – Georgia

“One of the greatest surprises when going to concerts is discovering new artists through the support act lineup. Temple of Anyone truly are a mesmerising and captivating band that pull you in through their emotional drawing of stories, powerful vocals and flowing melodies.” – Isobel


“Not a great follow-up to the previous band, wasn’t entirely sure on the genre they were trying to achieve, but certainly felt they were trying too hard! Some catchy songs but sometimes overwhelming.” – Georgia

“Although this band had great potential, there were elements that needed work. That being said, there were some memorable guitar riffs that got the crowd going.” – Isobel

Main Act, L.A. Spring:

“The 3-part indie-pop band L.A. Spring bring a summer sound of energy and catchy tunes that just don’t leave your head. Whether it’s lead singer James’ northern accent, or their memorable melodies and lyrics, the band really bring an energetic professionalism and most of all confident presence and performance to their music. And with support bands EditSelect and Temple of Anyone, the atmosphere was as equally alive as it was chilled. Everyone knew everyone, and all the acts played powerful performances. ” – Isobel

“Very cool looking band with a refreshing sound; the lead singer’s northern accent is definitely one of the perks and unique selling points – brings it home. Lead singer knew how to work the crowd, instantly got everyone to the front and generally owned the stage in his silver bomber jacket. A tropical-synth sensation, I’d say!” – Georgia




Idlside, the energetic Indie-Rock from Bath, take on Coffee House Sessions this week. Their youthful vibrance and professionalism has been largely praised when reviewing their performances and music releases, supporting bands such as VANT, Native People and The Ramona Flowers. 

Check out their pre-tour interview…

  1. You’d describe your music as…  High energy Indie Rock
  2.  You’re currently listening to…  Everything Everything, Sia and FARRO.
  3. When you’re not making music you’re… At University or at home with my Black Labrador Lana. Everyone should meet her – she’s my fave.
  4. You’d like to duet with… Ross Leighton from Fatherson i.e. Ross BAEton.
  5. Who’s your guilty pleasure? Katy Perry – I love binge watching her old-skool live videos on YouTube.
  6. Dead or alive, who would you most like to grab a coffee with? David Bowie, obviously. Who wouldn’t?
  7. You’re an artiste because… Performing is my second favourite thing, after my dog.
  8. Vinyl, CD or streaming? Streaming, because you can access anything anywhere, instantly. How cool is that?
  9. Your party trick is… I can low-key cut hair (sorry Sally).
  10. Your hometown is X and we should visit because… I live in a small village between Oxford and Reading. We have a train station!
  11. Tinder or Taken? Taken, but I didn’t swipe right.
  12. Snapchat, Insta, Facebook or Twitter? Definitely Instagram – falling into the wormhole of 15 second food tutorials and makeup how to’s is one of my favourite things to do (help me)…
  13. The best boxset ever is… Orange Is The New Black.
  14. Coffee House Tour… what are you most excited about? Going out on the road and playing to lots of people with Ben and Dan – We’re going to miss you Ryan and Jake! xoxox


Escape, by Kehlani

Kehlani is an American singer-songwriter from California. At the young age of 21 years, she’s already been a finalist on America’s Got Talent in a group ‘Poplyfe’, as well as being nominated last year for the Best Urban Contemporary Album Grammy Award. With her debut album ‘SweetSexySavage’ released back at the end of January, it seems Kehlani is going places!

Kate: “JoJo throwback”

Laura: “”Updated version of the best 00’s R’n’B ballads.”

Molly: “Enjoyed it but the pre-chorus is a bit of a let down”

Megan: “I like her voice, she sounds like JoJo and it has a nice 2000s sound.”

Will: “Sounds pretty normal to me.”

James: “Very naughties-like. Nostalgic.”

Emma: “Enjoy the more related slow pace, yet feels indistinguishable amongst ‘chart-like’ music.”

Charlotte: “Love her voice!”

Leah: “Kehlani can do no wrong, this is proof!”

Helen: “With smooth vocals, relaxing acoustic guitar and an RnB beat, Escape is guaranteed to chill you out.”

Elliot: “Typical chart song; not very unique.”

Maddalena: “Love the artist – catchy song, but not my favourite.”

Harrison: “Smooth and sultry, yet a little forgettable.”

Wade: “I didn’t like it at first, but after hearing it three times in a row, it’s grown on me…”


EP Review – The Breach by Dionysia


The latest EP by Dionysia kicks off with strong guitar riffs from the track “Glory”, a solid opening to the rest of the album. The song has powerful vocals and is directed at someone who gave the narrator “nothing” – by the end of the song, the narrator returns the favour. The vocals are interspersed with inventive guitar melodies that combine to set the mood of an upbeat, belty EP. The second track “Zombie” is a real ear catcher with its post-chorus Saxophone melodies. Although personally I am a little tired of the use of the Zombies trope in TV and music, the chorus is very catchy and easy to listen to.

It is however the haunting start to the third track “Maybe I”, followed by some heavy electric guitar, that really demonstrates the bands versatility. The song seems to describe the current state of society, and the artists view on how to deal with it, making this song the ultimate loud sing-along.

The whole EP itself has very alternative vibes, with a twinge of country and blues. It’s the sort of thing I would listen to loudly through headphones and sing along to (likely very badly!). The instrumentation is always interesting and the songs have a variety of lead instruments, such as piano, guitar and sax.
The EP was released the 2nd August 2016, so I was a little slow to discover it. There are 8 total tracks, and the vocals throughout are raw with clear opinions. Dionysia know who they are and are here to show it. Looking forward to the full album!

Written by Cheylea Hopkinson


Tom Pointer

The young Tom Pointer from Southampton embarks on his first set of gigs on the Coffee House Sessions Tour this week, playing at Royal Holloway on Monday 30th January. His influence of Rock and Roll mixed with lively Jazz, creates a “fresh” sound leaving you wanting more. 

Read on to see what Tom had to say in his pre-tour interview:

1.You’d describe your music as…  


2. You’re currently listening to…  

JP Cooper

3. When you’re not making music you’re…

Swimming, cooking, spending time with family

4. You’d like to duet with…

Brittany Howard (Alabama Shakes)

5. Who’s your guilty pleasure?

Shawn Mendes

6. Dead or alive, who would you most like to grab a coffee with?

Ray Charles

7. You’re an artiste because…

I resisted music’s calling for too long!

8. Vinyl, CD or streaming?

CDs – for singing along to in the car!

9. Your party trick is…

I like to try different accents

10. Your hometown is X and we should visit because…

Poole, the New Forest is amazing!

11. Tinder or Taken?

The old-fashioned way

12. Snapchat, Insta, Facebook or Twitter?

Insta! Have a look – @tom_pointer

13. The best boxset ever is…


14. Coffee House Tour… what are you most excited about?

Going back to my old uni Loughborough!


Facebook Page: