Idlside, the energetic Indie-Rock from Bath, take on Coffee House Sessions this week. Their youthful vibrance and professionalism has been largely praised when reviewing their performances and music releases, supporting bands such as VANT, Native People and The Ramona Flowers. 

Check out their pre-tour interview…

  1. You’d describe your music as…  High energy Indie Rock
  2.  You’re currently listening to…  Everything Everything, Sia and FARRO.
  3. When you’re not making music you’re… At University or at home with my Black Labrador Lana. Everyone should meet her – she’s my fave.
  4. You’d like to duet with… Ross Leighton from Fatherson i.e. Ross BAEton.
  5. Who’s your guilty pleasure? Katy Perry – I love binge watching her old-skool live videos on YouTube.
  6. Dead or alive, who would you most like to grab a coffee with? David Bowie, obviously. Who wouldn’t?
  7. You’re an artiste because… Performing is my second favourite thing, after my dog.
  8. Vinyl, CD or streaming? Streaming, because you can access anything anywhere, instantly. How cool is that?
  9. Your party trick is… I can low-key cut hair (sorry Sally).
  10. Your hometown is X and we should visit because… I live in a small village between Oxford and Reading. We have a train station!
  11. Tinder or Taken? Taken, but I didn’t swipe right.
  12. Snapchat, Insta, Facebook or Twitter? Definitely Instagram – falling into the wormhole of 15 second food tutorials and makeup how to’s is one of my favourite things to do (help me)…
  13. The best boxset ever is… Orange Is The New Black.
  14. Coffee House Tour… what are you most excited about? Going out on the road and playing to lots of people with Ben and Dan – We’re going to miss you Ryan and Jake! xoxox