We got our music team to review “Sax”, the new single from last year’s X Factor runner-up Fleur East, using only one sentence each! Listen to the song below, and see whom you agree with!

Izzy Sheeran – “Catchy beat and lyrics.”

Halina Hayre – “Good, effervescent, upbeat dance track!”

Molly Pearson – “I like her voice and dancing but not a fan of this song.”

Alice Copeland – “It’s pretty sassy, similar vibes to Uptown Funk.”

Carolin Wolfsdorf – “The parts in between the singing are good.”

Julia Khlyzova – “The cast of Sister Act meets tribal dancers.”

Tara El Kashef – “Sounds like it’s been played before.”

Michael Bird – “East shines on what is basically Uptown Funk meets The Bad Touch – good sax part!”

Thomas Gibbens – “I have definitely hear this before…”

Eve Webber – “Could have been a one-person Little Mix – originality and memorability lacks severely.”

Kiran Hayre – “It has a very boppy, catchy melody – no wonder it’s a hit – but it’s quite repetitive and not the most original song, but that fact adds to why it’s popular… but I enjoy the sax.”