Meeting Altered Sky: 'Without Wonderland' Album Launch

I have heard a lot of positive feedback about Altered Sky and they didn’t disappoint in person.

The band really made my first time at The Venue 229 in London a night to remember. Playing music from their new upcoming album ‘Without Wonderland’ alongside some of their older and well known tracks, the group created a fantastic energy where you couldn’t help but dance along.

The night started off with a chance to socialise with the other guests while we all enjoyed complementary refreshments and waited for the band to come out. It was a great way to give us all time to relax, look at some merchandise and get excited for the gig.

From the second the band came out, their energy levels were off the charts. The combination of guitars, drums and vocals created a fast paced, fist-pumping beat that had everyone up and moving before the end of the first song and lead vocalist Ana kept this infectious spark burning for the entire gig. Their combination of radio-friendly lyrics and ‘punk-esque’ sound presented a new side of the rock genre that I haven’t heard anywhere else.

Towards the middle of the night, the band took the time to sit and chat about some of their musical influences and two songs in particular gave us some serious ‘feels’. “Imagine Adventure” was inspired by the Disney movie Up!, and really showcases Ana’s beautifully strong voice as she sings about ‘escaping to the clouds.’ Next we heard their drummer Amy singing alongside Ana in the mesmerizing “White Witch”, inspired by The Chronicles of Narnia. Hearing both of these in an acoustic set was great but doesn’t compare to my excitement to hear the studio versions once the album comes out. They concluded their set with the top track “Bury It All” leaving us pumped and excited for this new album.

Not only did the band impress on stage but once the gig was over, they really demonstrated why they deserve their loyal fans. Taking a few seconds to dash off stage to relax from ‘post-gig buzz’ they then spent the rest of the night with the crowd. They were just as excited to meet us as we were to meet them and it was clear talking to each member of the band that these guys aren’t going to be losing their humility anytime soon.

With the release of ‘Without Wonderland’ on November 20th, I honestly think that 2016 is going to bring exciting things for the band. It won’t be long before they will be moving to even bigger and better things. With their unique sound and incredible passion for their music, the only way is up!

Review by Gracie Mc