One Sentence Review: ‘Melt’, by JONES

The talented, upcoming singer JONES, brings us the track ‘Melt’, from her forthcoming album ‘New Skin’. With her relaxing, soulful voice hitting the scene, is it for everyone?… 

Josh: “Dreamy.”

Halina: “Good song, good beat, quite catchy, but sounds very over used and done before.”

Molly: “The intro go my attention, the chorus lost it.”

Maddalena: “Chill sound, nice song.”

Elliot: “Happy but repetitive.”

James: “I expected it to go somewhere, but it did not.”

Megan: A nice song to listen to when your relaxing. Sounds positive and a lovely voice.”

Gemma: “A nice relaxing song while cleaning your room on a calm afternoon.”

Georgia: “Silky smooth vocals that could ‘melt’ in your mouth.”

Laura: “My new dreamy hungover tune.”

Leah: “Ethereal vibes, easy listening.”

Haroun: “Very chill, good for calming down for after a long day.”

Kate: “At first I feel like I should be walking on clouds and dancing on sunshine, and then get bored.”

Check out the song here: