ONE SENTENCE REVIEW: 'What If' – Craig David

One Sentence Review: ‘What if’, by Craig David

Bringing back the ‘One Sentence Review’ this year, whereby each member of the music team review a new, random song. Here is this week’s…

Georgia: “Good beat to nod your head to.”

Eamoun: “Some of the best parts of early 2000s but sounds as dated.”

Daniel: “Throwing back to the early 2000’s!”

Wade: “Wouldn’t play it on my show!!”

Halina: “Good beat and lyrics, but nothing new.”

Gemma: “The beat reminds me of old 90’s R&B and the voice has a nice soothing vocal.”

Francis: “Boring, melodramatic nonsense.”

Bethan: “Not much development.”

Sam: “Naff.”

James: “Throwing you right back to an era you’re glad you left.”

Megan: “A great slow jam with a great catchy beat.”

Haroun: “Very radio friendly.”

Noelle: “It reminds me of songs that play in corny teen movies…Very Jason Derulo in my opinion.”

Dulcie: “Sounds like Justin Timberlake c. 2004.”

Phoebe: “Really catchy song – good tune for the radio.”

Nicolette: “Classic bae – loved it!”

Josh:  “It’s the 2000’s all over again!”

Charlotte: “Catchy, good for entertainment shows.”

Unknown: “From the second it starts you can tell it is a classic Craig David song with a base and a good range.”

Ijeoma: “Craig has a very distinctive voice, I enjoyed the song and very different as it contained a key change and most RnB songs today don’t have one. No wonder he is nominated for a MOBO award.”

Archie: “The lyrics, although slightly different, were devoid of anything interesting, which was a shame for such a lyric-driven song. The melody was bland and repetitive. Overall, a song with no bite.”