128.7 Hours Most Played Songs


It’s been a truly fantastic week at Insanity Radio in the past week – we pulled off our 128.7 Hour Marathon broadcast, which raised a whopping £1640.66 for Teenage Cancer Trust and Mary Frances Trust, marked the end of our transmission on 1287AM and brought together the most amazing team of presenters and producers in a truly fantastic feat of physical exhaustion, hysteria and a hint of Insanity. With all this in mind, I thought it might be interesting for everyone to know what our top played songs were during this marathon broadcast and the play count. Most of these should come as no surprise to anyone who was involved or who listened in, but it’s good to know nonetheless! Take a look here:most played 1287


Am I Wrong? – Nico & Vinz

Hideaway – Kiesza

Waves (Robin Schulz Radio Edit) – Mr. Probz

Turn Down For What – DJ Snake & Lil Jon

Don’t Stop – 5 Seconds Of Summer

Don’t Look (Feat. Tanya Lacey) – Matrix & Futurebound

Fear & Delight – The Correspondents

Nobody To Love – Sigma

Extraordinary – Clean Bandit

Sinking Suspicion – We The Ghost

A Sky Full Of Stars – Coldplay

Gecko (Overdrive) – Oliver Heldens & Becky Hill


~ Adam


128.7 Hours update

Hey guys,

Just thought I’d give you a little update about what’s going on in here right now. The time is 7:33 AM and we’ve been going for 70.6 hours straight, having raised £560.80 for Teenage Cancer Trust and Mary Frances Trust! A big thanks to everyone who’s been getting involved, through guesting, helping out in the studio, bringing us things (BIG props to you guys) and also donating (even BIGGER props to you!)


For anyone who is unaware, Sarah Bishop and I are doing a marathon broadcast for 128.7 hours to celebrate the shutting down of our AM frequency (1287AM) and raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust and Mary Frances Trust. We’re currently on day 4 and are definitely feeling the effects! We’ll be taking you all the way to 6pm on Sunday with non-stop action all the way through, including features such as the infamous Pyjama Party from 5-7am, Midday Mayhem, Top 3s at 3 (pm), Producer Challenges, Karaoke Night, The Bourbon Biscuit Challenge and many many more!

We’re also making very special announcements revealing the acts for Summer Ball at 4pm every day – so if you want to be among the first to hear about it all, get listening in at http://tunein.com/radio/Insanity-Radio-1032-s8642/

The whole event is being livestreamed at http://1287.insanityradio.com which makes the whole event that bit more exciting, and there’s also a link to our donation page at the bottom of the minisite – but if you’re feeling lazy, go and donate here: https://mydonate.bt.com/teams/1287hours – every litte donation really does help!


Having an absolute blast here in the studio, despite how exhausted my body is – but the show must go on and I’m having the time of my life in here – please do join me, whether by listening to us and watching the livestream, donating, or even coming down and joining me in the studio for a while – it’s definitely a fantastic ride!


~ Adam

128.7 Hours Update

Hi all,


just a quick note to say that due to technical difficulties, we’ve had to change the dates around a little for the broadcast and will be starting later today, running from Tuesday 27th May to Sunday the 1st May – apologies if anyone dropped by to say hi!

Please do come and get in touch, tune in and donate – it’s going to be a great experience for all, while raising money for great things!

I’ll see you all starting tomorrow at 9am (or rather, you’ll see me!)

~ Adam


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Listen to the broadcast here: http://tunein.com/radio/Insanity-Radio-1032-s8642/

Watch our shenanigans here: http://1287.insanityradio.com/

And donate here: https://mydonate.bt.com/teams/1287hours

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128.7 Hour Marathon Broadcast

From the 26th to the 31st May, 2 brave presenters at Insanity radio (in the form of Adam Hitchen and Sarah Bishop)  will be raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust and Mary Frances Trust by staying on the air for a full 5 and a half days. The broadcast will be on 103.2FM, 128.7AM and http://insanityradio.com and livestreamed at http://1287.insanityradio.com
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Pick of the Week | Ed Sheeran – All Of The Stars

No spoilers, I promise, but allow me if you will to drop in a reference, now and again. Okay? Okay.

So… the Fault In Our Stars soundtrack was released yesterday. The critically acclaimed book, The Fault In Our Stars by Vlogbrother and all round awesome guy, John Green will be gracing cinemas worldwide in the coming weeks and months. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to the film, but I have been more interested to see who will feature in the soundtrack.

Soundtracks are important..

It is one of a plethora of aspects which makes or breaks a film. With that in mind, the levels of excitement that I felt, rose when I heard that Ed Sheeran was going to be one of a whole host of artists featured in the TFIOS movie. The artists ranging from Jake Bugg and Kodaline, to Charlie XCX and Birdy!

‘I See Fire’ is the main song that featured during the credits roll of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, and it turns out, he’ll be playing people out once more with his new song – All of the Stars. I was curious about this song the most. So, naturally, I gave it a quick listen.


I have chosen it as my pick of the week..

..because it sounds like the perfect way to close out a film like this. Based on what I know about the film (which is very little, it has to be said…), it juxtaposes what happens at the very end of the film.

It is certainly a very soothing song which I thoroughly enjoyed. I wish I had the ability to describe the song to you, but the world is not a wish granting factory. There will be that one missing adjective that would just make the description seem…incomplete.

So instead, all I will say is that I highly recommend you listen to the song!


As a little sidenote.. 

This time next week, two Insanity Radio presenters will be presenting live on air for 128.7 hours (5 and a half days) to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust and Mary Francis Trust. However, this is not just an Insanity Radio event, it is going to be livestreamed by the team at rhubarbTV!

During that period, I would love it if you could support Sarah and Hitchen as they go and push themselves to boundaries that are yet unknown. More details will be coming out very soon, so check out the InsanityEvents and InsanityRadio twitter accounts, the facebook page and the website for more details.

Donations are always welcomed, but food, hugs and love for them is just as important. So please show your support to them and for them!

Young Kuk Noh
Head of Events

The Insanity Playlist, 5/5/14

Good afternoon and welcome back to another hectic term at Insanity radio! Hope everyone’s had a great holiday and is gearing up for exams nicely (or procrastinating hardcore!) With the arrival of the new schedule, it was about time for a new playlist – and to mark the new term it’s out with the old and in with the new! No seriously, we’ve had such a massive clearout of great tunes – gone are the days that you’d find “Rather Be” or “Hey Now” looping on repeat at the top of the A-list. There’s so much new music to showcase here that it’s pretty much impossible to give you my top picks… I’ll just point you in the direction of Indila’s “Dernière Danse”, Asgeir’s amazing cover of “Heart-Shaped Box” and new tracks from Feed The Rhino and ZOAX as my personal favourites… but there really is too much to choose from!
What are you waiting for? Dive in and explore!

* Aloe Blacc – The Man
Calvin Harris – Summer
*Clean Bandit – Extraordinary
*Coldplay – A Sky Full of Stars
*DJ Snake and Lil Jon – Turn Down For What
*Ellie Goulding – Beating Heart
*Embrace – Follow You Home
*Foxes – Holding Onto Heaven
*Indila – Dernière Danse
Kiesza – Hideaway
*Lana Del Rey – West Coast
*Linkin Park – Until It’s Gone
*Mr. Probz – Waves
Secondcity – I Wanna Feel
*Shift K3Y – Touch
*Sigma – Nobody To Love
*Tiesto – Wasted

*Asgeir – Heart-Shaped Box
*Florrie – Free Falling
*I Heart Sharks – To Be Young
*Jake Evans – This Is Life
Katy B – Still
*Natives – Ghost
*Rae Morris – Do You Even Know?
*Rebecca and Fiona – Holler
*Spring Offensive – Bodylifting
*Such Sights – Seeing is Believing
*The Correspondants – Fear & Delight
*The Used – Cry
*Three Days Grace – Painkiller
*We The Ghost – Sinking Suspicion

*Circle Of Reason – Sea of Voices
*DZ Deathrays – Reflective Skull
*Eliza Shaddad – Waters
*Feed The Rhino – Give Up
*George Merk – The End
*Humbug Free Art – Hawaii
*Jimi Raine – Rock’n’Roll Band
*Mungo’s Hi-Fi – Serious Time ft. YT
*Phoria – Emanate
*ZOAX – Jekyll Meets Hyde

* denotes new entry

Pick Of The Week – "Why Do You Hate Me?", Marmozets

Underground British rock is alive and well in 2014, and few bands embody the spirit of it quite like the marvellously unconventional Marmozets. Industry attention has been fixed on the young group for the last few years, and the last single they released, “Move Shake Hide”, saw their potential completely fulfilled in a jawbreakingly good anthem of a song. With a debut album due to be released later this year and big festival appearances booked for the summer, 2014 seems like it could well be the year of the Marmozet, their latest single “Why Do You Hate Me?” only likely to continue to build the hype.

Striking the perfect balance between zany razor-edged mathcore and refined, accessible pop rock, a fusion that has become something of a trademark for the group, “Why Do You Hate Me?” packs a chorus perfect for radio play without compromising its raw flavour. Fans of any kind of rock music will likely fall prey to the undeniable charms of Marmozets. The future’s bright for British rock, and the guys and girl that make up this band should by all rights be a massive part of it.

~ Michael Bird

Listen to “Why Do You Hate Me?” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGSWfuiO0Ps

Rae Morris Interview Brixton O2 Academy, 13th March 2014

Right, so it’s been a crazy year for you with touring, festivals, and releasing your EP, how’s it been

It’s been great, this year in particular has been really exciting it feels like everything’s been starting. I’ve been doing it for quite a while now but this has been the first year that things have been kicking off, like I’ve been played on the radio and starting to get recognised, so the little things like that which have been happening are all really, really positive.

Yeah, you’re all over youtube, and I saw that you were in the live lounge not so long ago, and there are loads of blogs about you, all good things don’t worry

Haha phew. Yeah it’s all been very exciting, still can’t believe a lot of it to be honest but so far I’ve enjoyed every moment

What has it been like touring?

It’s been amazing, in total for 3 years, started when I was 17 (Wow that’s so young) Yeah, I began when I was at college, but this year has been the best as I’ve been with Bombay Bicycle Club supporting which has been wonderful, especially because I supported them a few years ago and got to know them so to have got back with them has been lovely

What are they really like?

They’re wonderful yeah, they’re people that I see outside of the music as well, which is great, especially considering I don’t have that much time to see other people, but they’re very down to earth and we can just get along together

So what about Lunar in the charts at the moment with your vocals, that’s pretty cool

Ah do you like it? Yeah it’s very cool, it was great fun to work like that with Bombay and see how it took off, it was nice to be a part of that

Awesome! And festivals, are you doing any this year?

At the moment I’ve got a few confirmed but nothing major, just a few underground ones like Dot to Dot in Bristol and the Great Escape in Brighton which I’m really looking forward to because it’s just such a great festival, so yeah, just little things like that and hopefully I’ll get booked into other ones as well as the summer goes on.

What do you prefer, touring or festivals?

Umm I definitely prefer long tours because you can really get into it. Like this tour we’re doing at the moment everyone knows each other now and we’re in the routine of it

How long has this tour been going for now

I’ve done two weeks so far already with Bombay and maybe this is the ninth or tenth gig

Haha you don’t even know any more

Haha yeah, I literally don’t, you lose track very easily, but this one today is a London show which is very exciting, I can’t wait

I imagine it’s exhausting though isn’t it?

It is, it’s difficult to y’know keep it going (and stay grounded I imagine?) yeah, you’ve got to keep yourself well, because you’re singing every night

Yeah that’s a point, how do you keep your vocals up to scratch, must be pretty straining?

Haha well yeah, it is… you just… I don’t actually know yet haha, I’m still figuring that out

That’s why you need all the tea and honey right? (at the start of the interview, someone had brought her lemon tea and in drug deal fashion, exchanged munuka honey for money, very hush hush)

Exactly, I’m into all of that, you kind of get obsessed with manuka and all of these fancy things

Hmm the myth of manuka, does that actually work?!

I believe it does yeah! It’s a pretty good thing

You should promo it for them! So what do you do in the day when you’re touring, how does it all work?

Well I stay in travel lodges because we don’t have a bus or anything, we just follow the band, so basically we stay, sleep, check out and then drive to the next place

So you’re just driving all the time! Pretty close proximity with everyone all the time?!

Yep. It really is. But we have a DVD in the van so that’s ok, we’ve been watching Band of Brothers recently which is really good, quite bleak, but really fun… then we just get to the venue at like 3 or 4 where we’ve got to load in and sound check, so by the time you’ve done all that, it’s pretty much time to get onstage and then you’ve got to leave again!

You must just be on an adrenaline high the whole time to keep going!

Yeah, it’s important to make sure you’ve had enough sleep, but it’s so wonderful, I love it so much I don’t mind!

So you actually do look forward to doing it every day, or are you sometimes like ‘ugh I’ve got to go up again!!’

No never, I always feel like, because every gig is so different, there are different venues and all these different factors y’know like the sound and the little changes, so I never feel like I don’t want to do it. This gig is gonna be interesting actually because it’s just the next level, it’s such a good venue to play at

What’s been your favourite venue ever, including festivals, all of it…

Oh ever? Well I played at the Royal Albert Hall not too long ago, I opened for Noah and the Whale. That was just one of those moments… because I’m from the North, Blackpool, so I don’t know London all that well and one of the first things that I did when I came to London when I was a kid was go and look at the RAH and the Royal Academy of Music

Bet you never thought that you’d be playing there one day!

No not at all, so yeah, it was a pretty big deal!

Ok next question, are you a barefoot performer?

No. absolutely not, I am just not into that, just no. I understand the whole no shoes type thing, like if you’re wearing big high heels or something but I’m just not into bare feet

Don’t wanna feel your soles against the stage then? Never get that urge haha

No, well, maybe if you’re like Joni Mitchell or something then that’s totally cool, but other than that it’s just not good… it’s too cold haha

Hmmmm interesting. I think if I was a performer I’d go barefoot… foot jail man, what about at a festival, then it’s edgey right?!

Haha at a festival?! That’s even more reason to wear shoes!

True! So I have to ask, because your hair is fabulous, how do you keep it in shape? Manuka honey perhaps??

Literally, I do nothing, just wash it and then leave it, we have similar hair, that’s the done thing right?

Absolutely! And if anyone come’s near you with a hairbrush fight them off haha… what about your family and friends back home then? Do you ever get to see them? It must be hard to maintain that being on the road all the time?

Yeah it is quite tough, I guess I don’t really see my parents as much as I’d like to but I do see them a lot because they’re massive fans, not just of me, of Bombay and everyone which is good and they’ve kind of got to know everyone quite well now. They’ve already been to like 4 of the gigs on this tour and they’re going to come to more of them!!

Ahh that’s really nice, and how about your friends back home, get to see them much or are you kind of just making more friends on the road, I suppose there’s no real time to keep that well in contact with everyone at home, especially because you started out so young, 17 you said?

Yeah I guess I kind of didn’t make that many teenage friends because I didn’t go to university or anything so I’m just so lucky that I get to meet likeminded musicians like now with Bombay Bicycle Club, they’re the kind of people who I can get really close to

Do you ever sort of make music with them, like, do you ever talk over your songs and come up with stuff? (yeah definitely) or does it all come from you?

Well I guess it’s a bit of both actually, I mean, I’ve always been very sure about what I wanna do, and I kind of know that myself but it’s so nice to have people like Jack and to be able to bounce ideas off and say ‘what do you think of this’ and ‘what do you advise me to do?’ and that’s what’s so nice about having people around that know!

So do you ever jam?

Haha I cannot jam

You don’t all just sit around the piano and do kind of improv

Aww no, I am so bad at jamming, because I’m not like a proper musician, like I’m not very good

Haha don’t say that about yourself, you’re great don’t worry!

Haha yeah, well I’ve been around people jamming and I like to watch them do it, I just kind of sit back and appreciate the jam haha

Jam’s where it’s all at man! So onto the writing of your music, what’s your method, lyrics or melody first?

It’s always melody first with me, it’s always about the music first. And I guess the more that I’m on the road, the lyrics kind of come to me so it’s changing, it’s gradually changing, but yeah, usually it is the music first and the lyrics come later because the words are the hardest part and they’ve gotta be right, they’ve gotta fit.

Yeah for sure, so when you come to writing the lyrics does something just come to you or is it more like a personal, deep down kind of emotional thing haha

It depends because I guess like, if I’ve done a recording of a song when I was just recording the idea, if there’s like a phrase that fits really nicely with the feel of the music then I’ll try and fit the words around that, and it might be something that wouldn’t work and if it is then I don’t try to force it, but yeah usually if I’m gonna write a song then it’s gonna be about something that’s important because you’ve got to sing it every night haha

Haha yes, very true! Are you writing anything at the moment or coming up with stuff?

I’m still writing yeah, I’m trying to write all the time but it is hard when you’re moving around a lot but my album is finished now and is coming out just after the summer so I guess I’m kind of still writing for that as well as writing for the next thing!

Phwoar so it’s all go, never a dull moment! Ok, a bit out of the blue but we’ve got a feature on our show called ‘what bothers me’ so what we’d like to know is what bothers you?

What bothers me? Like anything?

Yeah, it can be as trivial as you like, for example, my most recent ‘what bothers me’ is how I noticed the other day that I grit my teeth when I stroke dogs, out of love I guess haha, which apparently is very weird, I thought it was normal so I was bothered by the fact that not everyone does it… do you, please say yes!!

Nooo… I don’t do that. That’s really weird, sorry haha

Yeah, yeah I know haha so what about you then?

Ok, definitely ice, like I don’t really like ice at all, ice in the freezer is awful, like when you put your fingers into the draw and it’s just the worst, makes me cringe. But I hate it everywhere, even in drinks, can’t have it at all… unless I’ve got a straw because I’ve got sensitive teeth

You need Sensodyne

I’ve tried, I really have! Nothing helps!

Haha that’s too bad, no cold drinks for you then! Have you had any cringe moments when performing or anything, any major faux pas?

Ooo, yeah, last time I was on tour with Bombay, we were in Plymouth and I went out and said ‘good evening Portsmouth!’ because we were doing both places… I think there were a few boos! But I’m glad I’ve messed up like that quite early on, I feel like it’s out of the way now

Yeah it’s a pretty rockstar thing to do, well done! So you went to the Brit Awards recently, how was that? Was it very surreal?

It’s kinda cool, it’s kind of like just really normal though at the same time. The way that I felt about it was that it was really great for everyone to be recognised for who they are and it was just really nice to see the music, y’know, just watch the gigs it’s not really about the awards for me so it was nice to go and enjoy it but I always feel a little bit out of place, it’s very strange

Don’t worry, I’m sure everyone feels like that! So is this whole experience and lifestyle still very surreal for you or are you kind of getting used to it now?

Oh gosh yeah, I’m always in awe, I actually don’t do anything like that ever so it’s really abnormal, I like to just be totally normal and do normal things so going to things like the Brits is just really surreal, I’m always thinking ‘this is a totally different world!’

Well this is your life now I guess haha

Yeah I hope so, fingers crossed

Are you turning into a diva then? Do you have any weird demands or anything?

I really hope not! Uhh no not really, very into health stuff like we were talking about before, I need my manuka honey, so yeah, that’s my one luxurious thing.

I think we can allow you that! Well I think that’s everything I need, and it’s been really lovely talking to you so thank you, I really appreciate it and I’m a big fan! Good luck with everything and thanks on behalf of Insanity Radio, it’s been great!

~ Chrissi Smith


Check out Rae Morris’ new single “Do You Even Know?” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Nz-GlhKZVg

Live Review: DUMB at The Old Blue Last, 11/03/14

Another week, another gig in London Town. This time I was at the Old Blue Last in Shoreditch for my hotly-tipped-for-2014 band DUMB.
Opening the bill was Birmingham’s Curb who showed their stuff in their melodic grunge which got a fair sway going in the crowd. I often feel that OBL crowds are particularly stringent when it comes to any movement so this was fair play to Curb! ‘So High’, a favourite of mine, showed how the band really are great live as guitars and vocals were tight. This band has loads of support in their hometown of Birmingham so hopefully London will be the next city to crack the Curb love!

Now, if you listen to my radio show, you’ll know that I’ve been recommending Dumb gigs for a good few months and last week I finally got to see them! The band opened with ‘In Our Mind’ followed by previous single ‘Retina’, which was enough to elicit some sort of recognition in the crowd and encourage some movement. I was do pleased to see the OBL so packed for this band – their performance just showed a passion for what DUMB are and what they want to be and, frankly, I reckon they will 100% make it!
Tracks I’ve never heard before such as ‘Dollar Babes’ really got me excited as to what DUMB’s album will be like, alongside recent single ‘Supersonic Love Toy’ which was probably the track which was the most recognised. By this point I was completely past caring that I was in London and in the midst of a (very) boring crowd – who can resist busting some moves to some cracking tunes?
The final track ‘Two Bottles’ rounded the set off nicely and left me eager to see the band again to investigate how they progress and which new tracks they’ll whip out. Double A-side ‘Supersonic Love Toy’ and ‘Two Bottles’ is out now on iTunes. Catch DUMB in Manchester on April 11th, in Liverpool on April 12th or in London on April 18th.

~Ceri-Ann Hughes

Check out DUMB’s single “Two Bottles” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jp8-8GXbeRI&list=UUTdBQbdi1Gj1QE_LMUWfrIQ

Most Played Songs 24/02/14 – 03/03/14

Hello and welcome to a new feature at Insanity – we’ve compiled a list of our presenter’s most played songs of the week, so you can see exactly which tracks are our most beloved (some of which will surprise many of us!)

It should come as no surprise that the most played song of the last week is “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, a song which has dominated the airwaves since its release. Arctic Monkeys and Clean Bandit should also be easily expected among this list, but more interesting is the diversity in this list, with acts like The Pretty Reckless and London Grammar also seeing a large amount of airtime. Also a pleasure to see is local band Heronshaw gaining recognition for their excellent single “Let Me Down Slow”. See the full statistics below!Most Played Songs 24.02.14 - 03.03.14


Pharrell Williams – Happy

Arctic Monkeys – Arabella

Paloma Faith – Can’t Rely On You

London Grammar – Hey Now

Rather Be – Clean Bandit

Lily Allen – Air Balloon

Bombay Bicycle Club – Luna

American Authors – Best Day Of My Life

The Pretty Reckless – Heaven Knows

Heronshaw – Let Me Down Slow

U2 – Ordinary Love

Ben Harvey – Drunk