Pick Of The Week – "Why Do You Hate Me?", Marmozets

Underground British rock is alive and well in 2014, and few bands embody the spirit of it quite like the marvellously unconventional Marmozets. Industry attention has been fixed on the young group for the last few years, and the last single they released, “Move Shake Hide”, saw their potential completely fulfilled in a jawbreakingly good anthem of a song. With a debut album due to be released later this year and big festival appearances booked for the summer, 2014 seems like it could well be the year of the Marmozet, their latest single “Why Do You Hate Me?” only likely to continue to build the hype.

Striking the perfect balance between zany razor-edged mathcore and refined, accessible pop rock, a fusion that has become something of a trademark for the group, “Why Do You Hate Me?” packs a chorus perfect for radio play without compromising its raw flavour. Fans of any kind of rock music will likely fall prey to the undeniable charms of Marmozets. The future’s bright for British rock, and the guys and girl that make up this band should by all rights be a massive part of it.

~ Michael Bird

Listen to “Why Do You Hate Me?” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGSWfuiO0Ps