#Woraklsweek Day 6 – "Porto"



Day 6 of ‪#‎Woraklsweek‬. Each day I’ll post a different song by the amazingly talented French DJ, who as of yet has not even remotely gained the appreciation he deserves. Worakls specialises in Minimalist House and constructs some truly beautiful atmospheres for us to just melt away into.


Saturday is a day for a samba, so I thought I’d go with something with a bit of a Spanish flavour for today’s track: “Porto“.


The track is centred entirely around layering different acoustic guitar parts while sticking to the tried and tested house beat. The assymetrical phrasing of the melody helps to keep the track fresh (along with each new musical layer) and works over the slow, trance-like chord movement that borrows from Spanish folk songs to bring a typical flavour of Flamenco music into your dose of electronica.


Once again, the name of the game is subtlety and reflectiveness – and the tune is one of the best Worakls has produced. Ladies, gentlemen and people of fluid or non-specified gender, I present to you “Porto“.


~ Adam Hitchen