One Sentence Review: ‘Warm’ by Becky Hill

Gemma: Unusual intro, but a good unusual.

Charlie: Good production/backing.

Megan: Interesting beat and a cool voice.

Ije: Infection melody, synth reminds me of Wildfire by SBTBKT

Phoebe: Strange intro but once it gets started, had a good drum and beat.

Eamoun: Pure going out hype track, better than average.

Laura: SBTBKT mood big time, the laters are beautiful and the vocals are kickass.

Dulcie: Minimal background music really highlights her amazing voice.

Maddalena: Interesting sound, need to listen to it again.

Elliot: Interesting blend of contemporary styles.

NoĆ«lle: The kind of song that gets stuck in your head…sounds like the people in the video would be dancing in slow motion.

Kate: Super sexy, SU worthy.