GAME REVIEW: TitanFall 2


TitanFall 2, is a truly amazing game and is something that far outperforms its initial entry and is an example of something rare in the current video game industry. A video game that has a massive improvement and builds upon a solid foundation. With an interesting campaign mode and awesome multiplayer game mode. I mean, it would be hard to make Mechs falling from the sky and conduct awesome robot fights make the game feel dull and boring.


The main bulk of the story is the interplay between you and your Titan, as you both initially attempt to survive and then later progress to become vital roles in your faction. It does this rather well and somewhat better than to what I had anticipated, as they humanise your Titan (BT-7274) and make you understand how vital he is to your survival and success. Furthermore, the multiplayer learns from its mistake that it made in the last the game where it tied the campaign and multiplayer into one, but did so in a way that most people never truly understood what was happing. Instead, the story is made clear, and in a way, that allows players to gain greater context to the events occurring around them.


The main new feature that I believe is worth mentioning is the improvement to wall running, as in TitanFall 2, the game allows you to build up momentum, allowing you to go faster as you move. However, the issue with this is that the faster you move, the less accurate you become, meaning that often you miss that jump you need to make or the window you were just about to reach. This is a good idea as the biggest risk to new players would be trying to understand how to move swiftly but effectively, which this mechanic succeeds at doing.

Sound Design

The sound design for Titanfall 2 seems fitting for the style the game is attempting to be, which is a sci-fi universe with a grounding in realism. This is helped with how the different Mechs make a loud and well know impact upon arrival with a soundtrack that also to complements this with a mix of orchestra and techno helping build this Realist, but still near future, were Mechs play a vital role in combat akin to tanks.


In conclusion, despite the method of teaching the player by being a game that focuses on “easy to play, hard to master”, I would say this game will become a sleeper hit should consumers miss out on this amazing game. It is something I had a lot of fun playing and was able to get off Battlefield, which I had been playing non-stop since its initial launch. As such I would give this game a 9 out 10 due to the simple fact that the gameplay at times feels a tad bit too fast for my taste and reminds a bit too much of the contemporary Call of Duty’s.


9 out 10