Hallucinating, by Elohim

The upcoming electro-pop artist from L.A, Elohim (‘God’ in Hebrew), brings a very unique style of music to the table. With a warm, intoxicating feel of synth-pop, dreamy vocals and electric beats, ‘Hallucinating’ brings a rollercoaster of imaginings. 

Wade: “I like it!!”

Eamoun: “Very summery, perhaps it will keep us all warm this winter..?”

Dulcie: “Good rhythm paired with a catchy melody.”

Megan: “Cool beat, she has a nice young voice, it is very unique and has a distinct feel to any other song.”

Laura: “Perfect slice of sweet fuzzy pop that makes me severely miss summer.”

Elliot: “Funky, tribal, energetic!”

Gemma:  “Interesting combination of classic and digital instruments. Like the idea of computerised voices.”

Check out Elohim’s Hallucinating on YouTube: