This is Insanity Radio, Its Saturday the 26th November

  • Parish considers selling ageing churches to build new ones to better serve the local community
  • The Catholic parish of Egham has calculated that it would need 1.3 million pounds to bring its two churches, Our Lady of the Assumption and St. John of Rochester, up to snuff
  • Several locals have commented on this decision in protest
  • One stated that it would be opposed because ‘it’s a centre of the community’
  • Furthermore some of the buildings within the precinct of the church in Englefield Green had recently been renovated in 2013

Elsewhere in Surrey

  • Surrey County Council have postponed plans for the Runneymede Roundabout
  • The project, that will cost 7 million pounds, was put on hold after the council stated it could not continue to write checks for money it doesn’t have
  • The project, originally announced in Sept. 2014, was originally meant to cost 4 million pounds but after a redesign now will cost a total of 7.224 million
  • The decision on how to proceed has been pushed off until December

In national news

  • Serial rape-drug murderer Stephen Port given life sentence
  • Port, 41, was charged with 29 various crimes, and convicted for the murder of 4 men
  • He would lure them to his apartment before giving them lethal doses of the date rape drug GHB
  • The judge at the trial at the Old Bailey said that he should ‘die in prison’
  • Port attempted to hide his murders through fake suicide notes, even attempting to pin the blame of one of his victims in the suicide note of another

In Royal Holloway news

  • PhD in Media Arts student Iris Zaki has been awarded the Grierson Award marking her as one of the brightest up and coming documentary makers in the UK
  • Her film Women in Sink uses as filming technique she has developed called ‘the abandoned camera’ to film open conversations in closed communities
  • Installing a camera above a sink at a hair salon in Haifa Israel she was able to openly discuss various topics with customers while washing their hair
  • The film won the Sky Atlantic Best Student Documentary Grierson Award this year

In Royal Holloway Sports News

  • Swimming club running a special charity event
  • During the last week of January members of the club will swim the ‘Diamond Duke of Edinburgh’
  • This event will have each swimmer, who raises charity support beforehand, to swim the distance it would take to cover the 3 peaks, a total of 137 laps of their pool
  • Support the club and charity by donating
  • See the Swim Club Facebook group for more

Finally, tonight’s weather will see

  • Cloudy with a low of 6, raising to 8 by noon