This is Insanity Radio, Its Thursday the 17th November

  • Surrey County Council’s plans to permanently switch off street lights in residential areas throughout Surrey has caused concern amongst locals.
  • The decision was made by the Council to save an estimated £210,000 a year however the ‘Shine A Light’ campaign have raised concerns about safety and a potential rise of anti-social behaviour

Elsewhere in Surrey

  • A Godalming wildlife sanctuary has called for the people of Surrey to look after tiny Hedgehogs this winter.
  • These young hedgehogs must be kept warm through the difficult winter and the RSPCA has released advice about caring for juvenile hedgehogs. 

In national news

  • UK unemployment has plummeted to an 11 year low.
  • Figures released by the ONS show that unemployment has fallen by 37,000 to 1.6 million over the past three months.

In Royal Holloway news

  • Media Arts PHD student from Royal Holloway has won a major documentary prize.
  • PHD student Iris Zaki has been recognised as one of the best up and coming documentary makers in the UK at the Grieson Awards in London.
  • Her film ‘Women in Silk’ uses the ‘Abandoned Camera’ technique that she has devised to allow her to film open conversations within closed communities.
  • Find out more on the Royal Holloway Website. 

In Royal Holloway Sports News

  • There was a win for the Royal Holloway Mens Lacrosse team yesterday, as they won their match 7-4 against the University of Kent 1st team

Finally, today’s weather:

  • This evening is cold with cloud coverage across the London area with highs of 8 degrees and winds of 12 mph

That’s the latest this is Insanity Radio