#Woraklsweek Day 3 – Bleu


Day 3 of ‪#‎Woraklsweek‬. Each day I’ll post a different song by the amazingly talented French DJ, who as of yet has not even remotely gained the appreciation he deserves. Worakls specialises in Minimalist House and constructs some truly beautiful atmospheres for us to just melt away into.


Having a bit of a blue Wednesday? Well who says blue (or should I say, “Bleu“?) has to be sad? This wonderful tune is one of the more reflective songs in Worakls catalogue, the looped guitar line creating a beautifully melancholic mood for all of the wonderful marimbas, glocks and chimes to sit in. The overall effect is one of complete and utter peace, and as always with the Worakls touch, each new layer brings with it a new sense of contentment.


As the piece goes on you’ll find yourself picking out each and every layer and how it weaves into the mix – at first the marimbas are the sole focus, followed by the guitar. But as you get further into the song you may find these elements slipping out of your focus in lieu of new sounds – and it’s not that they’ve gone away, they’re all just building to that perfect atmosphere.


I hope you’ve got a good pair of headphones for this one!


~ Adam Hitchen