#Woraklsweek Day 2 – Remix of N'to's "Trauma"


Day 2 of ‪#‎Woraklsweek‬. Each day I’ll post a different song by the amazingly talented French DJ, who as of yet has not even remotely gained the appreciation he deserves. Worakls specialises in Minimalist House and constructs some truly beautiful atmospheres for us to just melt away into.


If you’re having a traumatic Tuesday, Worakls has got you covered with this fantastic remix of labelmate’s N’to’s “Trauma“. Let’s be honest, remixing is more than slapping a different beat on the track and a handful of effects. An effective remix will completely strip the track back and complete an entirely different vibe for the track. N’to’s original “Trauma” is an edgy electronic masterpiece with an in-your-face attitude when it comes to sinking you into the music.


Worakls takes the track’s core melody and adds in much more mellow, almost trance-like moving chords and some drone elements to create a much more reflective atmosphere. His breaks include his signature cinematic style of songwriting and the typical tinkles are in there to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. This is 10 minutes of pure bliss,and if you don’t click the link you’re seriously missing out.


~ Adam Hitchen