Skeptical – Fourfit EP01

This is a new Soul:r release with four distinct flavours of D&B to taste. Firstly, and perhaps my personal favourite from the EP (not saving the best until last), ‘Desire’, featuring the vocal presence of Collette Warren. The track has a crunchy swing to it which the vocals only emphasise, sending you back to a sleazy New York bar during the Great Depression. Moving on to the second track ‘Tundra’, there is a more classically Skeptical sound that is on the forefront of the Drum & Bass scene, being both progressive and innovative. The third track features another Collette Warren appearance and although sparser in the use of vocals, it does serve to produce an eerie wisp of speech. Harder than the second track, ‘Always Be Mine’ returns to a style similar to track one acting as an intense roller that doesn’t fail at getting to grooving. The final track, ‘Turning Point’, bridges the gap stylistically between tracks 1/3, and 2, being a mesmeric forward thinking track that looses none of its potency as a dance song in its innovation. All in all a great EP that I have been waiting a while to finally get dropped; make sure you check it out!

~ Will Foreman

Listen to it here: