GIG REVIEW: Hot Chip @ Brixton Academy, 23/10/2015

My first time in Brixton Academy, I could not have been more impressed. The sheer size of the place was the first noticeable feature, but as the place began to fill up and the lights dimmed I finally got the chance to see what so many of my friends had described as the ‘indoor/outdoor venue’. The design of the stage as if it was the front face of a castle, complete with turrets and balconies suddenly stood out against the pitch black roof, causing the illusion of being outside in the night sky.

Starting off with an upbeat and energetic support act, the crowd was pumped and excited as Hot Chip finally walked on stage to an amazing light show and their opening number. As the gig went in to full swing, I finally understood why Hot Chip are always described as a live spectacle by people who attend their concerts. With constant cool and ever-changing light shows behind them keeping up with the free-flowing and intense music it was clear that the musicians were enjoying themselves just as much as the crowd.

While Rob Smouton moved through instrument after instrument easily, Sarah Jones kept the lively dance beat in the back, clearly having great fun. Goddard, Doyle, Martin, Grovesnor and Clarke all kept up perfectly, playing harmoniously as each song just got better and better. Finally, Alexis Taylor really lived up to expectations with fantastic vocals sounding just as crisp and professional as on record. Honestly a fantastic group that lost nothing in their translation from record to live.

The highlights for me were “Flutes” where the lads had great fun doing some dancing together and of course the ever famous “Dancing in the Dark” which ended with fantastic confetti canons showering the animated crowd as the gig came to a close. A wild and thrilling night which I hope to repeat when Hot Chip come back for another show in London.

Review by Grace Mc