ALBUM REVIEW: Little Mix – 'Get Weird'

Now that we’re properly into university and most freshers have made their friends, the majority of students could relate to Little Mix’s new album Get Weird. With most of the songs about love and relationships, Get Weird has the overall message that relationships are hard.

Songs like the two part “Secret Love Song” embody the idea of pining for a person. The songs are easy to listen to and they have good melodies, especially Jade’s “I’m Yours..”; however, the cynical message of the songs leave the listeners feeling hopeless in love. But if you’re into heartbreak or if you like someone who doesn’t reciprocate your love, these songs may just be perfect for you. “Secret Love Song” is actually a half decent song, it’s easy to listen to, the harmonies are actually on point and Jade’s singing is effortless.

The more upbeat songs “Grown”, “Weird People” and “A.D.I.D.A.S” are more about heartbreak after a break up. However, why would you call a song “A.D.I.D.A.S”, when there’s no mention of it in the song? The juxtaposition of the upbeat music to the depressing topic is nonetheless quite inspiring. These songs are perfect for anyone going through a heartbreak right now. Surprisingly, the music on “Grown” is a step up for Little Mix, as is this entire album. “Grown” has a very mature sound to it, it is perfect to dance to and does Little Mix proud.

The album is a new sound for Little Mix, they are more grown up in terms of both the music and lyrics of the songs, which works in some cases but not others. The majority of the album is so-so but there are a few songs which stand out as mind-blowing, but mixing these songs on an album with songs that are just horrendous results in an album that is overall simply okay. They are on the right track though, If Little Mix had more ballads like “Secret Love Song” and more dance tracks like “Get Weird” then the album would have been great – that they which results in a ‘meh’ album.

Review by Halina Hayre