Pick of the Week – "Gasoline", The Silent Comedy

Created from the minds of the San Diego based Americana band, The Silent Comedy, “Gasoline is but one example of this band’s magnificent talent. The emotional impact of the intro alone is amazing, with such beautiful music having the capability to calm and relax anyone who listens to the track. It can even, for some, provide that weird and wonderful feeling of completeness, which is only enhanced by the heart-warming voice of Jeremiah Zimmerman. Despite there being more recent tracks by The Silent Comedy which are just as brilliant as “Gasoline”, very few can truly match up to it’s beauty, and taking time out to listen to this track is 3:48 well spent.

~ Hannah McCaldin

Listen to the acoustic version of “Gasoline” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pet-frXJtAs