The next artist to hit the road on the Coffee House Sessions tour is Sonia Stein, a young artist whose ‘synth-pop’ style plays at your heart strings. And with her most recent single ‘One of Those Things’, released back in November of last year, gives listeners a taste of her developing sound.

Here’s what Sonia had to say in her pre-tour interview…

1.You’d describe your music as…  

Singer-songwriter pop

2. You’re currently listening to…  

Can’t take me home – P!nk’s 2000 record

3. When you’re not making music you’re…

Embroidering, cooking, eating

4. You’d like to duet with…

Caroline Polachek (Chairlift)

5. Who’s your guilty pleasure?

Ariana Grande

6. Dead or alive, who would you most like to grab a coffee with?

Patti Smith

7. You’re an artiste because…

I couldn’t be anything else!

8. Vinyl, CD or streaming?

Streaming unfortunately

9. Your party trick is…

Telling people where i’m from (no one believes me)

10. Your hometown is X and we should visit because…

Warsaw, because it’s cultural and has really good nightlife

11. Tinder or Taken?


12. Snapchat, Insta, Facebook or Twitter?


13. The best boxset ever is…


14. Coffee House Tour… what are you most excited about?

Singing loads!


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