Just 24 hours after the release of their new album “WALLS”, Kings of Leon are number one in the UK iTunes chart for “Top Albums”. This won’t probably surprise their fans that had been waiting to hear new music from this band for three years. WALLS, abbreviation for We Are Like Love Songs, takes us back to the band’s old, but iconic, style: that style you can’t help but like. The band was able to combine their early works’ acoustics to the new modern music influences. Kings of Leon’s soft rock is accompanied by some new and experimental sounds that make their songs unique.

Opener “Waste A Moment” is a classic throwback song that recalls their early 2000s youth. “Reverend”, my personal favourite, presents some heart wrecking lyrics and a lovely sharp guitar that goes on for the whole song. “Around the World” is the typical song you’ll listen to on the radio and dance to while driving. “Conversation Piece” has an original background sound that absolutely works with Caleb Followill’s voice. “Muchacho” features this rhythmic and unheard melody that carries on for the entire song. Songs like “Find Me” or “Over” express the band’s need of being heard.

WALLS tells us a story, a story about people and their everyday life. People that get lost, people that can’t find themselves, people that love, people that suffer, people that live. Every song touches a deep and meaningful topic that describes something about every member of the band. Listening to WALLS pushes you closer to this band and makes you understand a bit more about them. All the ten songs of the album seem to be connected, in a way or another, to each other. It’s an album to listen all in one go.

We can say that the Tennessee band may have left apart their old Southern natural habitat to enter a more thoughtful and intimate sound that it’s absolutely worth a listen.


01. Waste A Moment

02. Reverend

03. Around The World

04. Find Me

05. Over

06. Muchacho

07. Conversation Piece

08. Eyes On You

09. Wild


By Maddalena Petromilli