Royal Holloway Removes Students from Campus After “specific incidents” on Tuesday Night

In a statement on student intranet, Royal Holloway, University of London, revealed that after specific incidents that occurred on Tuesday (20th Oct) night it has identified a number of students concerned and issued them with “campus restriction orders”.

According to the student conduct regulations a campus restriction order (CRO):

“Places conditions or restrictions on student that they must meet to continue attendance at the College or reside in College accommodation. Access to named venues or activities may be prohibited, for example, no access to licensed premises. CRO’s may be effective for the remainder of a student’s registration at the College or for a shorter period. They may only be placed or revoked by an Authorised Officer. If a student breaches the conditions of a CRO they will be subject to further action.”

Royal Holloway – Student Conduct Regulations

According to the statement on the intranet the CRO’s were issued to “remove the students from campus”. No further details were given regarding the exact restrictions, for how long they had been imposed for, or indeed on whom they had been imposed.

The university praised the efforts of the majority of students in adhering to COVID-19 restrictions and guidance, but did say:

“Despite this however, a small number of incidents have occurred involving a minority of students. The behaviour of those involved in breaking coronavirus regulations and attempting to organise gatherings is unacceptable and fails to meet the high standards being set by the majority of students.”

Dr David Ashton – Deputy Principal (Operations)

Royal Holloway Students Union President Kate Roberts said:

“I fully support the action taken by the College in relation to those breaking COVID 19 rules and putting others at risk… I would also like to share my gratitude to the majority of students following the rules despite the extremely difficult situation they find themselves in.”

Kate Roberts – RHSU President

In a separate statement, also made yesterday, the College announced some more positive news in its weekly update on the number of people within the RHUL community who are currently self-isolating. This number now stands at 13 students and one member of staff (a decrease of ten and increase of one respectively on the previous week).

Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC BY-SA 3.0