Humans Vs Zombies | The Horror of Founders Forest

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Date & Time | Friday 28th – Thursday 6th, 1929HvZ Poster
Venue | Royal Holloway, University of London

Event Details:

February. 1929. A detachment from a small university in Massachusetts anchors at Dover, escorted by federal agents, and furtively pursued by the surliest gangs of the east coast. Their destination, Royal Holloway.

Something big’s been moving in the forest, and creeping dreams of madness leave the local civilians quaking in their beds. Whatever the trees are hidin’, it sure ain’t friendly.

Prepare for a faction-based blast of a game, set against the backdrop of the roaring twenties. Fight for the gangs, snoop with the Feds or uncover old mysteries with the Men and Women of Learning, and prepare to investigate…

The Horror of Founders forest. Coming soon to a campus near you…


Additional Information:

To play this game, you must be briefed by one of the game moderators and you must have paid your membership for the society.

Briefing Times
Wednesday 26th March | 8pm in Jane Holloway Hall (Go to event)
Thursday 27th March | 7pm in Founders Main Lecture Theatre (Go to event)
Friday 28th March | 7pm in Founders Main Lecture Theatre (Go to event)

Additional Events
Thursday 27th March | 8pm in Medicine – Pre Game Social (Go to event)

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