Photo by Syed Ali
Photo by Syed Ali

MCM Comic Con – May 2017

The final weekend of May saw the biannual convention, MCM Comic Con, grace London’s ExCel Centre. Here Insanity Radio’s Syed shares his views on the event.


MCM Comic Con has once again come and once again proven to be the biggest event of the summer calendar, showing some of the best cosplayers in the UK, Europe and beyond. I had the pleasure of attending the event and covering it for Insanity Radio 103.2FM, as well allowing me access to some of the many guest on show.


The main pro of the event was the wide variety of cosplay on show, with franchises ranging from Marvel and Doctor Who, to more obscure and less know fanbases such as Berserk or JoJo’s bizarre adventure. Another pro was the variety of guest on show such as, Lou Ferrigno (the original Incredible Hulk), Veronica Taylor (Ash Ketchum from Pokemon) and  Manu Bennett (Deathstroke from Arrow) to name a few. This was a rather amazing opportunity due the chance to meet and discuss what drives them as well to see what inspires to keep doing the roles they do. We also had the pleasure of doing a bit of shopping as well enjoying some of the games at show such as Agent of Mayhem. This was nice turn of pace as the floor was managed in an efficient manner that allow for quick and easy movement.


The only major con that I can think that comes to mind, would be the time it took to enter the hall, this was largely due to the increase in security as a result of the horrific Manchester attacks. This lead to a much longer system of checking being need, however this was justified downside but one that I felt should be mentioned due to the time delay it to look for entry and re-entry.


In conclusion, MCM Comic Con May 2017 was an amazing convention should you want to do a little shopping, chill with friends or just have a fun time. With the only recommendation being finding a way to try and have more security to ensure an easier re-entry for those with weekend tickets.

Words and photos by Syed Ali

Written 30th May 2017

MCM Comic Con May 2016

London MCM Comic Con, hosted in May 2016, was a smash hit event that wowed all those who attended. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and, if you can, you should attend the next Comic Con in October.

The cosplayers that were on show were amazing, showing the skill and grace that goes into recreating characters. It was amazing to see so many people in such amazing cosplay and I was impressed by the sheer variety of series that characters were taken from, such as One Punch Man, Beserk, Dragon Ball Z, Psycho Pass and Jo Jo Bizarre Adventure. When I was attending the various meets you could almost see characters being recreated detail by detail and showing that the skills required to cosplay, something that is often overlooked.

Another great part of the convention worth mentioning is that crowd management has greatly improved in effectiveness. Myself and my colleagues were able to see all the amazing items on sale without getting boxed in and lost as has happened in the past. Furthermore, upon speaking too others who were attending the event they, on pretty much every day there was a reduction in the amount of time it took to get inside the event, even on the Saturday which is seen as the busiest day of the event.

Furthermore, the variety of stalls on offer was something I thoroughly enjoyed. To have the ability to play the many games on offer (including Overwatch, Battleborn, Attack on Titan and Odin Sphere Leifthrasir to name a few) and then be able to go somewhere to relax, such as to the outside area, was great. This is even better when you consider how vast and different the cosplayers were and their many meets gave you the opportunity to see groups of people appreciating and enjoying their fandoms.

Moreover, what was enjoyable at MCM Comic Con May 2016 was that there is a variety of guest that appeared. These included John Noble (Elementary); Jeremy Shada (Adventure Time); Josef Altin, Hannah Waddingham and Roger Ashton-Griffiths (Game of Thrones); Lotte Verbeek (Agent Carter); and Willa Holland and Katrina Law (Arrow). With the privilege of gaining a press pass to the weekend, I was able to see the various guests and I cannot stress how amazing it was to meet them in the roundtable interviews, recordings of which you can enjoy below! These especially provide a greater understanding of how the individuals act and how they come to understand the characters they play.

With such a large number of people there was inevitably a significant amount of rubbish left at the end of each day. However, this was partly due to the restricted space due to security measures that meant that only those who had tickets were allowed entry and a minor issue that can easily be resolved in time for the next convention.

This event is something that anyone who likes comic books, video games, anime or just having a good time should attend. I had an astounding time at this year’s May MCM Comic Con and am looking forward to the next one!

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Syed Aadil Ali of Insanity Radio spent the weekend at MCM Comic Con in London and wants to share his pearls of wisdom.

This past weekend, MCM Comic Con happened. For those of you who live under a rock, this is a huge convention where people dress up or ‘cosplay’ as their favourite characters from the comic book world. I had the pleasure to cover this event with three of my favourites: Sharky, Eugene and Alex aka the Melon Men. Thankfully, both Sharky and Eugene helped to take pictures of this amazing event. This event saw 130,000 people come and go over the weekend, which is a huge amount to consider. Now let’s go on to the pros and cons of this event! Continue reading “MCM WARS: A NEW HYPE”