Insanity Radio’s 25 Anniversary Schedule

On Saturday, Insanity Radio is having a big birthday! It has been 25 years since the station begun broadcasting. Whilst we are saving the partying for later on this year, we do have a jam-packed schedule to celebrate the occasion!

Insanity, our very own campus radio station, turns 25 this Saturday! Join the Insanity Team from 11:30 as they turn back the clock a quarter of a century.

11:30 We chat to Insanity’s first Station Manager

11:45 Step back with us in the Insanity Time Machine to 1998, when Insanity first broadcast for just 28 days.

13:00 We look back at the time leading up to Insanity going permanent on 1287AM. Who knows, we might even plug the old transmitter back in…

14:00 Insanity’s 2008 team left us a time capsule. Join us as we open it and hear what’s inside. 

15:00 Comedy duo Max & Ivan are the creators of the BBC Radio 4 series The Casebook of Max & Ivan and Channel 4 Comedy Blap The Reunion. We’ve cued their old podcast into the tape deck. 

20:00 Resident Union DJ BadgerSmaker celebrates 10 years of his radio show #SmakMyBadger with a special mix.