Sticky Blood

The production duo Sticky Blood, includes that of Arctic Monkeys original bass guitarist Andy Nicholson, and Jamie Shields. The two have moved away from their previous projects to produce music together, collaborating with vocalists such as Hekky and Ajay Carter, amongst others, in their quest to create new sounds. With a mix of electronic, hip-hop and grime, the pair seem to acquire multiple styles through each song they release, keeping listeners on their toes.

I got in contact with the duo, to ask them a little bit about their past, present and future…

Insanity Radio: Firstly, is there a backstory to the name ‘Sticky Blood’?

Well it all started when our friend who we nick-named Squidgy Black, was telling us how a certain drink made your blood sticky so we said it sounds like that would be his little brother.  It grew from there…

Insanity Radio: How did you two meet/decide to work together?

We met when we were both working with rappers who knew each other and started the Clubs and Spades project and made a album/mix tape and it just moved on from there really, before long we were sharing a studio and working with other artists and bands.

Insanity Radio: When did your love of producing start?

We both came from band backgrounds and played instruments and it only felt like a natural progression to move towards production. We are both fans of sounds and making all kinds of sounds and capturing things with a vibe and purpose.

Insanity Radio: What are your main influences – in terms of styles and vibes?

There are so many from uk grime to bands. We both like a lot of different styles of music. One day we will be listening to Wiley then Queens of the Stone Age then Dr Dre, so every day is different.

Insanity Radio: Andy, how has the move from being part of Arctic Monkeys to Sticky Blood been? How different is your vision for the material you wish to produce now?

The vision is still the same and it’s make good music. Thats it. Thats all it’s gonna be.

Insanity Radio: How was it to work with your collaborators, such as Hekky and AJay? How did you come to work with them? 

Jamie has been working with Hekky for years and Ajay was some one our manager put us on to. Both really easy to work with.   We just vibe and chat and let the artist Dj on iTunes for a little to see where there head is at.

Insanity Radio: What are you goals for the future? Or where do you see yourself in a few years, musically speaking? 

We are just going to continue to work on new music and with as many new artists as possible and grow and evolve

Insanity Radio: You seem to explore multiple different genres and sounds, keeping your listeners on their toes, would you agree? And if so, what’s your aim behind this?

Yeah that’s the aim and like we said its just because we are into so many different genres.

Insanity Radio: Lastly, is there any musician/singer who you hope or wish to work with?

Loads, mainly ones that have a very individual style and vibe such as Stormzy, Maverick Saber and Cas is dead.  The list is pretty endless.

(Interview conducted by Isobel Sheeran)