ONE SENTENCE REVIEWS: The Strumbellas – "Spirits"

One Sentence Reviews is back, and this time the Insanity Radio music team are turning their attention to “Spirits”, by The Strumbellas. Listen to the track and see if you agree with our team!

Sam Barker: “An entirely predictable, but nonetheless enjoyable soft rock song that wins out due to the immediate singalong nature of the chorus, the charm of the lead singers vocals, and the brilliant hats sported by everyone in the music video.”

Kiran Hayre: “A cliche but nice song, the chorus is memorable however, I feel like the singing and music is detached from each other and it’s slightly jarring.”

Carolin Wolfsdorf: “Really enjoyable and catchy song, perfect car tune!”

Alice Copeland: “Some summery vibes, kind of a balance of Kodaline and Twenty One Pilots, somewhat forgettable/generic.”

Max Lawson: “An uninspiring but enjoyable song whose chorus encourages you to don the weird hat and participate!”

Tanyel Mustafa: “It could work as background music – maybe; a standard indie pop song that’s too standard to be memorable.”

Thomas Gibbens: “Far too generic and simple to truly gain the attention of the listener.”

Emily Dixon: “I’ve never heard these guys before but I thoroughly enjoyed this song, even though it sounds like they’re shouting….”

Jos├ęphine Kcihc: “Fit for a compilation video of ‘things your wacky friend did at a festival that one time’, The Strumbellas’ ‘Spirits’ comes off as bland and chich├ęd (yes that is intentional), redeeming itself only when the guitar riff and drum beat come together in the chorus.”

Molly Pearson: “Whilst I appreciated how to the music built, I am sadly not an a fan of how the vocals built up to shouting, I thought it was a bit of a shame as his singing voice is so pretty – emasculation not intended!”

Michael Bird: “An intriguing balance of genres, the song embraces the ridiculousness of its over-the-top chorus and is all the better for it.”

Cheylea Hopkinson: “Sounds like something off a Microsoft advert, I should feel uplifted but I just don’t.”

Laura Shipp: “I wasn’t expecting to be a fan of this, but the more I listened to it the more it grew on me. I think it sounds weirdly summery despite the slightly dark video!”

Grace McCabe: “The repetitive chorus and catchy melody has made it impossible to get out of my head; this is an oddly great upbeat song for a bad day, singing about beating your inner demons but to a happy tune.”

Zoe Shapter: “The chorus is a bit too repetitive, however it is also catchy and easy to sing along to; a good song and lyrics for when you need a pick-me-up, however I don’t think the tune is memorable enough to make it big.”