ONE SENTENCE REVIEWS: Eric Prydz – "Breathe" (feat. Rob Swire)

Our latest series of One Sentence Reviews is for “Breathe”, by Eric Prydz and featuring the vocals of Rob Swire. It’s on the Insanity Radio playlist right now, so check out what our music team had to say about it!

Zoe Stanton – “Upbeat, electronic, could have a bigger lead up to the chorus.”

Thomas Gibbens – “Seems okay, not my jam.”

Ijeoma Chukwurah – “I like the repetitive electro melody, it puts you in a trance, but the drum line could have been a bit stronger as the melody is overshadowing it.”

Adila Adam Daud – “It’s a nice song and has potential to have a bigger impact, not my kind of thing but it has some nice qualities.”

Neka Tamana – “Not great, pretty repetitive.”

Katie Gamble – “Sounds like a video game, nothing special.”

Amy Dunn – “Quite catchy and fun, but not as good as Pendulum’s stuff.”

Sophie Shapter – “Sounds familiar and catchy, could be big, though the background reminds me of Mario Kart and could get annoying…”

Tara El Kashef – “Passable background music for taking a selfie pretending to meditate.”

Cheylea Hopkinson – “Would sound good through headphones, but it’s not for me.”

Emily Dixon – “Rather underwhelming, would be good background music in a trendy shop in the Sims.”

Leah Hewerdine – “It sounded like aliens.”

Kiran Hayre – “I’m inclined to describe it as colourful, I could imagine this being quite fun live with great lighting.”

Molly Pearson – “The lyrics have a nice melody but the music reminds me of a song one of my friends created using effects from video games.”

Michael Bird – “Lacklustre lyrics are all that let down an enjoyable electro slow jam, produced if anything a little too immaculately.”

(Station Manager Guest Review): Young Kuk Noh – “Its ehhh… he tries too hard to sound good, but in reality it was pretty disappointing.”