ONE SENTENCE REVIEWS: Chvrches – "Empty Threat"

We got our music team to review “Empty Threat”, the new single from Scottish synthpop lovelies Chvrches, using only one sentence each! Listen to the song below, and see whom you agree with!

Laura Shipp – “I like the Madonna vibes, even if I don’t usually like Chvrches!”

Katie Gamble – “A lot more poppy than I expected, quite catchy but also quite cheesy.”

Michael Bird – “Not the best choice of single as there are better tracks on the album, but fun and chirpy as Chvrches typically are.”

Amy Dunn – “Sounds very like Madonna!”

Eleni Blakemore – “A catchy dance tune from Chvrches, maybe not quite as good as the previous singles.”

Leah Hewerdine – “Can see this getting stuck in my head in the near future.”

Carolin Wolfsford – “Typical Chvrches: catchy, melodic and uplifting.”

Susannah Ryall – “Very poppy and upbeat but not really my thing.”

Thomas Gibbens – “Autotune much…?”

Cheylea Hopkinson – “Interesting vocals, with a repetitive backing – a ‘get ready’ track”.

Kiran Hayre – “Squeaky and frilly, catchy but as with most Chvrches I’m not a fan, 13 year old me may have jammed to it”.

Sophia Zhang – “I like the rhythm of this song a lot, and really feel like dancing to it”.

Molly Pearson – “I like it but in all honesty I think her voice can make anything sound superb”.