ONE SENTENCE REVIEWS: Nothing But Thieves – "If I Get High"

One Sentence Reviews is back, and this time we’re looking at the new single from Insanity Radio favourites Nothing But Thieves. It’s called “If I Get High”, check it out and see if you agree with our music team!

Amy Dunn – “Heard it before, really good song by a brilliant new band!”

Emily Dixon – “The lead singer has an incredible voice, how have I never heard of this band before?!”

Cheylea Hopkinson – “Really chilled out song.”

Michael Bird – “Brilliant sense of atmosphere and a haunting vocal, builds wonderfully.”

Grace McCabe – “Great song for background music, with a lovely guitar line.”

Zoe Stanton – “Emotional, the singer sounds like he’s singing from the heart, chilled out and a nice guitar sound.”

Young Kuk Noh – “Good song, but the singer seems very whiny.”

Thomas Gibbens – “I wouldn’t search for it, but I wouldn’t be offended by listening to it.”

Kiran Hayre – “Stripped back, Conor’s vocals seem to have improved since I saw them in 2011!”

Adam Hitchen – “Possibly the most boring Nothing But Thieves song, I feel like they’re more at home rocking out and haven’t quite found their feet with the slower stuff.”

Julia Khlyzova – “This song sort of reminds you of all other songs that you have forgotten the names of.”

Sam Barker – “If I Get High is easily one of Nothing But Thieves’ best songs, beautifully showcasing the vocalist’s range and the tightness of the band’s playing whilst also demonstrating the clearly personal approach to songwriting and the band’s dissatisfaction with simply strumming chords.”