ALBUM REVIEW: L33 – 'Karate'


We all know the feeling of “Release Day”, new material from your favorite artists!

L33’s Brand new LP titled Karate, released on the Eat Brain label, a leader in Neurofunk Drum & Bass. Other artists under the “Dark, Deep, Unfiltered & Unrestrained” label are: Agressor Bunx, Black Sun Empire, Mefjus, Mob Tactics, State of Mind and Teddy Killerz.”

This is one serious Label!

After Huge Success with the Sampler, L33 has Released all 15 New Tracks:

  1. ClubLife
  2. Electroshock
  3. Collide
  4. Grime All The Time
  5. Earthbound
  6. Creatures
  7. Drop It Down Low
  8. Karate
  9. Strange Things
  10. Disco Funk
  11. Once Again
  12. Zealot
  13. Razor Blade
  14. Stand Down Feat. Nuklear
  15. Blood Brain

After its Release, May 30th 2016 – “Exclusive to BeatPort” it has already reached #1 in the “BeatPort Drum & Bass Album Chart”. The 20 year old, Bulgarian DJ Known as L33 has worked with lots of big names like Andy C, DJ Hype & Dillinja and it shows.

Faultless production skill, #1 in beatport chart in just over a week.. This is one name to remember!

One of my favorite tracks from the LP is “Stand Down” it features a fellow Eat Brain Artist, Nuklear MC; he brings the track to life with a catchy vocal riff. Other huge tracks “Club Life”, “Grime All The Time”, “Blood Brain” and the rest of the LP has been created with filth In mind! Neurofunk at it finest! The dark nature of the tracks is what makes this LP so special, the sounds I could imagine at the end of the world…It reminds me of the first time I heard Pendulums “Hold Your Colour” album.

The Mysterious Darkness, draws me closer like a Black hole. Mind blowing sounds whirling around like asteroids lose in space, colliding at every drop, releasing vast amounts of energy that dispersers in the emptiness that is space…

Or as L33 put it:

“Night has fallen, the threat of extinction riding on the edge of its transition. Decaying and contorted faces of the undead leer from the shadows, twisted limbs reaching from the darkness towards the eternal signal – driven to crush its subversive broadcast and extinguish the final beacon. A single being stands in their way – the strongest of his kind, the last of a genetic line extending into a derelict past with an imperative to preserve the future. An arsenal of sonic weaponry residing within the lines of his palms, drawn forth through the ancient forms manifested by long-dead masters. His swift movement amongst the shuffling army is efficient – acute strikes snap limbs, raw concentrated power crushes bone, low-frequency techniques leaving little behind from the weight of brutal molecular disruption. With the rising of the sun, only he remains – the broken dead lying scattered and without motion – the focused power of his fighting form has prevailed… the signal is preserved.”

Review by Tom Dawes

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