Live Review: Shy Nature @ Boston Music Room, Islington, 13/02/14

One of the things I love the most about travelling around London to different gigs is the discovery of new gig venues. The Boston Music Room in Islington is now one of my favourites – and that’s before I even get to the music!

Anyway – back to the gig. Opening the bill was Australia’s ‘The Creases’ who brought their jangly indie tunes to the small but gathering crowd in the North London venue. Their debut ‘I Won’t Wait’ sounded fab as it echoed around the room, though I have to say that I was particularly disappointed in the still crowd. Being myself, however, it was easy to embrace the energy and passion of the lads who were having so much fun on the stage in their uniform of (very) messy hair and Docs. A band I would 100% see again – the Shy Nature crowd were definitely a harsh group!

The appearance of Shy Nature on stage generated a little more enthusiasm and a larger crowd had appeared by this stage. Opening with ‘Fine’, a mellow sway started throughout the fans whilst the London lads looked so comfortable on stage. It’s always nice when a frontman has a personality, right? The banter had between tracks at this gig had the crowd literally laughing which was certainly a great change to those bands who look at their feet and avoid all talk during a set. The riffs which come out of the guitars of this band are just brilliant and you can’t help but be happy and up-beat whilst listening to them! ‘Sinking Ship’ was the track which got the crowd moving the most and was possibly the most fun having been the lead single from their debut self-titled EP.

I would definitely recommend a trip to one of their gigs if they’re around again at any time soon – I promise you’d have loads of fun. New single ‘Lie Back’ is out now – the video involves the band hanging round on a farm (for some unknown reason) – check it out!

~ Ceri-Ann Hughes