Interview – The Bohemian Embassy

We spoke to Ben Angel (the lead singer of The Bohemian Embassy) about his musical aspirations, the new album and the unique style of the band.The band is made up of Ben Angel (the lead singer and guitarist) Luke Cradock (on bass guitar and vocals) Louis Lanfear (on drums) Will Jefferies (lead guitar and vocals) and Jade Morris (on violin).  The five piece are from Bath, Bristol and surrounding areas.

ACA: Hi, Ben how are you doing?

Ben:  I’m very well thank you, it’s been so busy with the band and our album release it’s exciting so yes I’m really good, haha!

ACA: That’s good to hear. So how did you guys form such a unique concept for your band?

Ben: We started out with just the two of us (me and Luke) but we met the rest of the band in a recording studio in Bath when we were all sort of putting down some tracks and we decided to collaborate and it went well so here we are!

ACA: Is it exciting to think that you’re a signed band with two albums available on Itunes?

Ben: We’re signed by various independent record labels. We think we have a really original sound so we’re really happy with how it’s going with our music and are working non-stop and always trying out new experiments with our music. We think that’s what makes us stand out from other bands, we’re not one genre, we mix genres up to create something new.

ACA: Can you give us an example of some of your experimental work?

Ben: Of course. We have a violinist for starters! We like to use that to the best of our advantage. We’re told we sound like David Bowie mixed with Arcade Fire and The Clash so that’s exciting. We’ve recently recorded a Lana Del Rey cover of “Blue Jeans”.

ACA: Where do you draw your inspiration from for your music?

Ben: Anything from 1960’s onwards, we’re fans of old classics like The Beatles. The Bohemian Embassy have been busy on tour all over the UK and countries including Spain so sometimes on the road we’ll see or hear something then decide to go to the studio when we’re back and lay down a track.

ACA: Thanks so much for talking with us Ben and if you’re ever near Surrey/London let us know so we can interview you on the radio. We will definitely be playing your music on our show on Insanity!

Ben: That would be great! I will do, I’ll be sure to listen in to Insanity. Bye Alero, Andy and Chloe!

They have albums available on ITunes called “Built for the Future” and have just released their newest album “Seek Love” which came out on 13th March. All of their tracks are available on ITunes so if you’re looking for something quirky and a bit different then check out the band that sound like The Clash with an orchestra edge.

~ Andy, Chloe and Alero

Listen to “Seek Love” here: