Band of the Moment – Sundara Karma

I saw Sundara Karma at The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch last December, and since I’ve been hooked. If I was to predict the next up-and-comer to make it, I’d bet on these guys.

Sundara Karma are a quartet from Reading who play beautiful melody which results in a synth-y indie sound. Latest track ‘Hustle’ is definitely my jam at the moment – it’s edgy and cool and is a great follow-up to their most recent single ‘Indigo Puff’. The riff in ‘Hustle’ (besides being a great one to air-guitar to) is so catchy – the song will be stuck in your head from the minute you listen to it. Sundara Karma are ones to grab your attention.


Frontman Oscar’s voice is really quite special – it’s not a tone I’ve heard often before which makes them really stand out from other typical indie bands. Check this out on their first track ‘Freshbloom’, which was put on Insanity’s B-List earlier in the year (yes, it’s THAT good!).


Sundara Karma are really ones to watch out for – I’m sure they’ll win over a lot of people with their sound and they’re already playing great venues such as the Camden Barfly and The Old Blue Last.


~ Ceri-Ann Hughes