Band of the Moment: Glass Animals

My big thing at the moment definitely has to be Glass Animals. They’re a quartet of lads from Oxford and they make really cool spacey music (I’ve played them on my show quite a bit). They’ve been on tour with St Vincent and have had sets at SXSW in 2014, as well as releasing their debut album ‘ZABA’ this month. They are most definitely hot right now.


‘Zaba’ is an all-round incredible album. It opens with an 8:53 minute chill-out track called ‘JDNT’ which is like a really good album introduction as it summarises what the band are about and what they do before you’ve even heard the rest of the album. It’s like a really good essay conclusion right at the beginning of the album which makes you feel like you know the band and what the rest of the album’s going to be about. ‘Zaba’ is just the ultimate chill-out album which reflects musical brilliance at the same time – and let’s be honest; that’s rare!


You can enjoy the musical wonders of Glass Animals on the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury or catch them on their travels around the UK – I’m certainly hoping to sometime soon!


~ Ceri-Ann Hughes