Insanity on The Oscars 2023

Annelise Kofod gives you the best at this years Oscars!

The 95th Academy Awards was night full of donkeys, raccoons, first-timers, old-timers, and historic milestones. A mix of feel-good stories and Hollywood comebacks along with fresh faces all vying for a chance to hold the gold statuette and take their place in Oscar history. 

Before the first award was handed out there was plenty talk about with the debut of the “champagne” carpet in which organizers hoped would be the most controversial move of the night…. we all remember ‘that’ slap…  

Organizers also decided this night all 24 categories would be presented in the show, which meant less coveted awards would get their time in the spotlight but meant the run time would stretch to 3 1/2 hours. So, with plenty to break down, let’s get into it…. 

The ‘Champagne’ Carpet Fashion  

Spring has sprung and it’s being served with a side of sequins. Flowers, flowers, and more flowers – not only did they don the side of the red carpet but made many appearances on the dresses.  

However, I must ask if stylist got the memo of this carpet change – a neutral palette left room for many A-listers clashing and being washed out with the new colour of the carpet. The amount of pink and cream was an interesting favourite choice for stylists, almost turning the carpet into a bridal show.  

For those who got the memo, bright colours dominated the looks with many taking a leap to stand out against the neutral carpet beneath them incorporating bold reds, bright green and yellow with many stylists opting for a simple black.  

The Sweep of Everything Everywhere All at Once  

Going in it was certain the fan favourite would pick up some awards as it had displayed consistent dominance through award season. Though, no one predicted the absolute domination “Everything Everywhere All at Once” displayed taking home 7 of the 11 nominations it was up for.  

Michelle Yeoh rounded her award season taking home Best Actress writing herself into Academy Award history as the first Asian woman to take home the award and the second Woman of Colour to accept the award.  

With two nominations for Supporting Actress, it was Jamie Lee Curtis’ performance that earned her first Oscar of her career over breakout co-star Stephanie Hsu. Fan favourite Key Huy Quan garnered a well-deserved win in the Best Supporting Actor category.  

It wasn’t only the actors sweeping the awards as “Everything Everywhere All at Once” took home well-deserved awards for Best Original Screenplay, Best Director, Best Picture, and Achievement in Film Editing.  

The Comeback Kids  

Yes, it’s a cliche title but this would not be a true Oscars 2023 recap without a nod to the most heart-warming and followed stories of award season.  

Not a dry eye was present in the Dolby Theatre as Key Huy Quan “Everything Everywhere All At Once” holding back his own tears praising his mother watching at home in his speech accepting Best Supporting Actor. Quan’s energy and passion for his art is infectious enough to have the likes of Harrison Ford show excitement later on presenting “Everything Everywhere All At Once” Best Picture.  

Near the end of the night the entire crowd would be moved by Brendan Fraser’s speech as he accepted Best Actor for his performance in “The Whale.” A rightfully emotional Fraser praised his co-stars and the ultimate gratitude for the creative lifeline he was thrown.  

Two men who thought Hollywood would forever leave them out to dry had a well-deserved night for two amazing performances. Their return to the high ranks of Hollywood has been a long time coming and we can be sure the work they produce from here will be nothing short of incredible.  

All Quiet Came in Not So Quiet  

For the 8th time in Academy Award history a foreign film was nominated for both Best Picture and Best International Feature Film. While “All Quiet on the Western Front” took home the latter of the categories, many had it in the running to compete with “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” for Best Picture. And, for the first half of the ceremony it All Quiet performed very well taking home Achievement in Production Design, Cinematography, and Music (Original Score).   

The Women Want to Talk  

One of the more overlooked Best Picture nominations was “Women Talking” which was up for two Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay. It was ultimately Sarah Polley’s writing that earned the religious drama, based on Miriam Toews novel of the same name, its Oscar.   

In her acceptance speech Polley thanked the Academy ‘for not being mortally offended by the words women and talking with so close together like that.’  

A Song to Remember 

The evening was sprinkled with performances from the nominations for Best Original Song. The category was stacked with the likes of Lady Gaga and Rihanna who gave breath-taking performances of their respective songs. However, it was eventual winner “Naatu Naatu” from RRR, the first song ever from an Indian production to be nominated in the category, that gave an enticing performance earning a deserved standing ovation from the crowd.  

A Blockbuster Performance  

There’s always a mixed opinion on the presence of blockbuster hits being nominated for Hollywood’s biggest night. When it came out that “Top Gun: Maverick” earned 6 nominations many fans were scared it would overshadow all other movies nominated. The Tom Cruise hit, however, only took home Achievement in Sound.  

“Avatar: The Way of Water” garnered 4 nomination all for the production side walking away with Best Visual Effects. Well-earned after 5+ years of work on the James Cameron hit that generated $2 billion in the box office.  

Marvel movies are never one to be considered Oscar worthy in many eyes but coming in “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” earned itself 5 nominations. Angela Bassett’s loss in the Supporting Actress category for her performance did cause a bit of a stir in the Twittersphere. However, it was ultimately Ruth Carter’s work on the movie that earned her the award for Best Costume Design.  

The Academy and organizers can rest easy knowing the talk from the night will be focused on the historic milestones set and a slight step, though not perfect, in the right direction for diversity in Hollywood. I humbly request to give a raise to whoever came up with the champagne carpet.  

Number of Oscars without an incident: 1  

Photo by vincentas-liskauskas via unsplashed