Game Review: Destiny 2


The first Destiny was a game that I was initial skeptical of, due to needing a constant raid party, the limited context to player actions and the general feel of the game. However, what Destiny 2 succeeds in doing is correcting these faults, whilst at the same time feeling more like Destiny 1.5.


For those that either missed the Destiny hype train, or like me, were not interested in the Destiny franchise. The core concept is that you are a guardian – a being capable of great power, with a nifty robot that can resuscitate you when you fall in battle. What makes Destiny 2 more interesting than Destiny 1 is that it has a clear story mode allowing for greater context for certain player missions and actions. However, when the story ends it becomes necessary to have a group of friends to truly enjoy and progress within the game.


The mechanics of the game are a blend of the Call of Duty control scheme, and the unique visual style of Halo. What this means in terms of mechanics is the game is able to blend the speed and strength of both franchises. Additionally, the game allows you to choose one of three different classes at the start of the game. I myself went with the ‘Titan’ which I felt in retrospective to be the most fun (suiting my Halo-style combat preference). Titans have a focus on strength and dominating the ballad of combat.

Sound Design:

The sound design in Destiny 2 is one that is focused on creating a sci-fi feel similar to Halo while trying to be something entirely new. Allowing of a unique blend of guns sound and music tracks that feel sci-fi yet grounded.


In conclusion, Destiny 2 feels more like Destiny 1.5 with significant changes to refine core elements of the game. The main story mode is a major change to the game but feels more of an attempt to correct errors of Destiny 1’s initial launch.


7 out of 10

Written by Syed Ali