Happy Holidays from Insanity Radio!

Written by Paige Tamasi

It’s the season of pumpkin spice, the sugar cookies have been iced, and everything’s nice! So, naturally, here at Insanity Radio we had to create one of the most festive adverts ever. Starring Head of Publicity and resident Christmas Queen, Issy Litvak, this ad dives headfirst into a Christmas dinner scene straight from all your favourite holiday movies: The Family Stone, Muppet a Christmas Carol, and Christmas Vacation. Filmed in the gorgeous Founder’s Building on Royal Holloway Campus with the original Victorian wallpaper and furniture designing the set and props was such a joy— you truly can’t go wrong in setting a Christmas scene surrounded by all the best of Victorian interior design. The Christmas tree in the corner covered in tinsel, ornaments and lights made ignoring the happiness of the room nigh impossible. I think the piece de resistance, the dinner table, outshined the Victorian aspects, due to all the festivities, lights, and food. When I say this table was covered in food, I’m not exaggerating. It was plated with all the food you could ever want, including the classic roast turkey. This table looked like it came right out of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, specifically that one scene where the Whos in Whoville are trying to outdo one another in Christmas spirit.

While I was on set with the film crew, I was amazed by the sheer number of smiles and the amount of festive joy. Everyone, despite all the chaos that comes with a film set, was so happy and excited to be present on this project. The cast sat around the table and chatted about anything and everything from Christmas crackers to whether Die Hard was a Christmas movie or not. The crew were rushing about with various cameras and lighting equipment, as they captured each moment with such professionalism and enthusiasm. No matter what occurred, no matter what setbacks were there trying to break the festive spirit, everyone on set persisted in creating beautiful scenes and camera shots. 

This advert demonstrates the creativity of the people here at Insanity Radio. Aside from imagining the advert and designing the shot sequences and set, the cast members came up with creative solutions to unplanned necessities, such as improvising hilarious skits. The crew channelled their creativity into working beyond equipment limitations, building various set pieces to capture the perfect shot that wouldn’t see any of the lighting equipment. All these creative minds worked so well together that the end product is nothing less than stunning. 

But what is this ad for? Well, while many people are taking the time off to go home to enjoy the holidays, Insanity Radio will be celebrating on air and in our beautiful studio. With members of the Radio broadcasting throughout the day. Insanity Radio is making sure that whenever you tune in over the winter break, you’ll be listening to our fantastic broadcasters and specially curated music. So happy holidays everyone! Enjoy the winter, enjoy the end of the year, but above all, enjoy celebrating with your loved ones!

Written by Paige Tamasi, Edited by Chloe Hayler, Photography by Issy Litvak, Iona Price, and Lottie Macro, Published by Paige Tamasi.