Natives – "Can't Say No"

New to our B Playlist, this week, “Can’t Say No” by “Natives” is certainly a fun track, from an up and coming band to watch out for. With a sound comparable to bands such as All Time Low and Fall Out Boy, these guys showcase their rock/pop style with this catchy new single.

Here are some words from the band:

“For Can’t Say No, production wise we took some inspiration from Dr Luke (Katy Perry, Rihanna, Flo Rida). We love that electronic 808 style drum loop which gives the verse a cool pop and then went for a double hook with the chorus just to make sure it stuck in your head! It’s nice because the song lyrically is quite heavy and a little dark so it’s fun to juxtapose that with a really bright, poppy arrangement.”

Also, if you like “Can’t say no”, check out the Egypt Lane remix. Again, the band kindly gave me some more info on the track:

“With the Egypt Lane version we wanted to showcase a different side to our band. We’re quite creative people and we’re always making music in one way or another. We took inspiration from Michael Jackson, Go West and Cliff Martinez and transposed a bunch of the lead lines onto synths. I guess this is what our band would sound like if we were starting out 30 years ago!”

Natives release their debut album “Indoor War” on March 17th, so make sure you check it out!

~ Laura Webber

check the song out here: