Presenters Picks: Stealth & Altair "You Do Me Wrong"

Stealth & Altair – You Do Me Wrong – Programmed V2.0 (Program)

What is there to say about a song that already perfectly explains itself to someone with their eyes closed simply by being an excellently produced song? For those of you with your eyes open, maybe some description is necessary. First and foremost, the serene, but distorted, orchestral opening coupled with the vocal sample, draws you deep into an almost lullaby-like trance. The climax of the vocal is then both juxtaposed and complimented by the grimy hypnotic rhythm of the track, driving you deeper.  As the track kicks in we are transported straight to 5am at a filthy rave under a train line in East London. The return to the distorted intro begins to fade in and soon we are back in that euphoric soundscape we have become familiar with already. And after a long drawn out wait we are suddenly and violently thrown back into the choppy rhythm, to ride out until the end. Stealth & Altair have created a track that could be the epitome of the nasty kind of sound that makes Drum & Bass such a ‘stay away’ style for many, and, returning to the paradoxical nature of the track itself, makes Dum & Bass such a big attraction to others.


By Will Foreman

Presenter's Pick: Imagine Dragons "Demons"

“Demons”- Imagine Dragons


“Demons” is set to be the next single which is sure to storm the UK charts from the hit band Imagine Dragons. Well imagine (*bad dum tss*) this; a song filled with such heart wrenching “Heck Yes” vocals, some pretty emotive lyrics, and an awesome heavy beat that will really capture you. That pretty much sums up this fantastic song which I strongly urge you to listen to. If you have listened to said song already than I even more so recommend that you listen to their entire album ‘Night Visions’, which has brought an entirely new sound onto the mainstream music scene. Their previous hit singles “It’s Time” and “Radioactive” have shown empowering and optimistic tones of the band, however, if something a little more pessimistic and emotive is more your thing then Imagine Dragons have certainly accommodated you with this one. “Demons” is a different breed to its predecessors, but this does not make it any less of a genuinely magnificent song. If it doesn’t get into the UK top 10 I will eat my metaphorical hat.

Imagine Dragons- “Demons”

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By Michelle Archer