Privacy Policy


Insanity, from time to time, hosts various competitions and contests. For the purposes of the competition (judging, collating entries), we collect personal information from you. If you wish for us to erase your data, please email [email protected] (replace insanity with with the following information:

  • Your name
  • The survey/competition entered where you provided your real name.

Your personal information provided in the competition will be deleted forever. 30 days after a competition ends, unless you explicitly opt-in during the competition process, we will also permanently erase your personal information. We keep information for 30 days after a competition to allow disputes to be resolved without us needing to re-run the competition. This information is never used for marketing reasons.

Anonymous data may be collated so we can graph the demographics entering our competition. In most cases you can opt out of this through the same process as data erasure.


Your name and email address are stored separately from your survey information. This information is vague enough that it cannot be used to personally identify you.


The Insanity Radio website uses cookies in order to optimize your browsing experience. See here. No other personal information is collected, except for information voluntarily entered in the Contact form and emails. IP addresses are temporarily recorded in server logs, but these cannot personally identify you and these are deleted after several days.

App Store & Google Play Store

Our apps do not collect any form of personal data. When connecting to our streaming servers, IP addresses may be temporarily recorded so that we can send your device audio – these are deleted almost instantaneously. These cannot directly identify you as a service user. Phone data is used to pause the stream if/when you receive a call, but is not transmitted to our servers.


(Please note that this privacy policy is intended for service users, and not volunteers/members of the Station. That is available on the intranet site – but another copy is available here. )